P&P Wizard-Thief: Session 0


Disappointed by the chase-y nature of my last Pits and Perils campaign, I have decided to start a new solo-PC adventure to compliment my ongoing Ruins of the Undercity Labyrinth Lord game. Playing the solo dungeon in my Undercity campaign has showed me that I really do enjoy at least a bit of that style of adventuring gameplay, so I aim to integrate both surface/city roleplaying and dungeoneering segments in nearly equal part in this campaign.

I’ll be using a combination of Mythic, Pits and Perils, and a dungeon generator like Ruins of the Undercity of Schweig’s Themed Dungeon Generator to create adventure locations.


I’ll be using Mythic GME (primarily Variations II’s fate rules) and the Game Master’s Apprentice keywords for my oracle for this game, with the chaos level set at a constant 4 for events/exceptional results.

I’ll use my house rule that a result within 1 of success/failure (a 10/11) will be a yes/no, but…, while an exceptional result will EITHER be a yes/no, and… or an amplification of the degree of success/failure, depending on circumstance.

Character Creation


Unlike my last game, I will be creating a magic-user character this time to allow myself more game options and varieties of encounters. I’ll roll these at random and try to create the most interesting, non-stereotypical magician I can from the results.

Ability: Dexterity
Background: Performer (can earn free lodging)

These are promising rolls for the character type that I want to play. I was hoping for a character with the ability to survive on his/her own, and having a dexterous performer with a knack for magic seems like the perfect combination–basically a bard, given Pits and Perils’ system where all non-fighters have the same combat ability.

Starting Equipment

We roll 1d6 for starting gold, and I rolled a 1. My hero is obviously on the run, dirt poor except for the clothes on her back and a handful of tools that she’ll hopefully be able to put to use.

I purchase a second dagger (for throwing), flint, torch, 10′ pole, and waterskin for a total of 8 gp, leaving her with 2 coins. She’s lucky she can earn her keep with her skills, although I doubt she wants to be drawing too much attention to herself if she’s on the run.

Inventory (8): bedroll, rations (7), dagger (2), flint, torch (1), waterskin, 10′ pole.

Purse: 2 gold pieces


Picking spells is one of the keys to creating an interesting character concept in Pits and Perils. Since I’m creating a bard-style performer/thief, I’m going to eschew traditional spell choices like MEND or BOLT or a powerhouse like FEAR in favor of utility spells that a scrappy trickster might use (even if I think it may make her less mechanically powerful).

Since my character is clearly on the run, I suspect that her skills tend toward the subtle. As such, she’ll start with the following three spells:

HIDE: Become invisible, granting enemies -3 when attacking (if they even know where she is).

SONG: This is a custom spell that I first read about on PurpleBroccoli’s blog or on G+. It is a basic buff spell, giving all allies within hearing range +1 to hit and to saving throws for as long as Alandra is focusing solely on singing. It can also be used to improve reaction rolls in her favor when used as a bard.

LINK: My trickster can read the mind of a target. I’ll use this to get bonuses to social interactions, bonuses to bluff or read checks, reductions to odds of being tricked, etc.

I considered MUTE, but I suspect my dexterous trickster will be more likely to sneak than use magic for that. These spells are going to heavily favor city thievery style adventures, I suspect, although I’m hoping that I can create some dungeon crawl type antics as well. I may be underpowered for that, but these spells may be enough to escape when I need to. I’m just wondering if they’re going to be TOO overpowered for a level one character and end up being not fun to play.


I can’t imagine not picking neutral now. She’s clearly a trickster, perhaps with a heart of gold but with no qualms about a little mischievousness to meet her aims.

Character Sheet

Name: Alandra, Neutral Magician
Level: 1 (0/250 exp)
HP: 5/5 | SP: 2/2
Ability: Dexterity
Background: Performer
Weapon: Daggers | Armor: None (MV 50′)
Purse: 2 gp
Inventory (8): bedroll, rations (7), dagger (2), flint, torch (1), waterskin, 10′ pole
Spells: Hide, Link, Song

Condensed character sheet:

Alandra, Magician 1 (0/250 xp); HP 5/5; SP 2/2; Dexterity/Performer; Atk +0 (Daggers); MV 50′; Purse: 2 gp; Inventory (8): bedroll, rations (7), dagger (2), flint, torch (1), waterskin, 10′ pole; Spells: Hide, Link, Song

Character Background

Alandra grew up an orphan in the City of Spires. After years on the street as a pickpocket and beggar of fair skill but incredible luck, she was eventually taken in as a shopgirl by a local tavernkeeper, where she proved to be quite the draw. Her singing regularly filled the house, and eventually she drew the attention of one of the local houses of magic. A sorcerer there grew convinced that she was an unknown Power, and he began to pursue her.

Caring little for the great houses, Alandra ran, pursued now by a force determined to harness her strength and put it to use–or prevent the other houses from doing the same.

Personal Thread: Evade the control of the Great Houses

NPCs: Tarek, Sorcerer of the House of the Silver Star

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