P&P Solo Campaign: Garret (Session 4)

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This is part four of my Pits and Perils solo campaign featuring Garret the fighter. Last time, Garret pursued an escaped thief into an abandoned temple. This time, he’ll aim to somehow recapture his fugitive, recover the testimonies of the villagers (session 2), and get back his purse of coins.

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P&P Solo Campaign: Garret (Session 3)

This is a post in my ongoing solo campaign using Mythic GME and the Pits & Perils rules. My goal is to finish my first multi-session solo adventure (I usually get drawn to other games and adventures before I can finish a full quest) in a world inspired by the free-wheeling play of Classic Traveller and the gritty, magic-light world of Raymond E. Feist’s SerpentWar saga.

Last time, Garret the ex-soldier left a town in the early morning with a prisoner in tow, hoping to escort the man to the local castle where he can stand trial. The adventure chaos rating is current 5, which I track for frequency of occurrence of random events/exceptional results, but I do not use to impact yes/no results.

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P&P Solo Campaign: Garret (Session 2)


Last time we created a retired soldier, Garret, and watched as he escorted a group of wounded companions into a small village. A confrontation in the village square woke him up, and he stepped out to see a man held at spear-point.

Hit the jump for my second session, in which Garret gets a job and may soon find himself in some trouble!

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P&P Solo Campaign: Garret (Session 1)

All right! My first posted solo session. I’m playing a little catch-up here, filling you all in on a recently played character creation and the first few bits of play in a Pits & Perils game.

The game style I’m going for is a combination of Traveller’s open-world, job-seeking freedom with Raymond E. Feist’s SerpentWar saga from Riftwars.

Hit the jump to go into character creation and the first session!

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