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Big Dungeon Map–Underdwell, Level 1

October 12, 2010 Leave a comment

I have tried to key this a few times, but each time I’ve attempted it I come away feeling as though it doesn’t have the right “feeling.” I’m putting it up here unkeyed, so have fun with it if you’re interested!

By the way, my working plot was that a dwarven merchant prince asks you to descend into Underdwell and find out what happened to the expedition he sent in a few weeks earlier.

Note that it’s fairly compressed in this thumbnail. It’s a BIG image, so click the picture below to see full rez (I think it looks really nice; lemme know what you think)!


Click to embiggen


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Tavern Stones

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is a first image of a game-in-progress from the prototype of a strategy game I’ve been working on called Tavern Stones. The game is a simple yet deep strategy game for two players, who take on the roles of wizards competing to charge the powerful rune stone (in the center of the board) with magic.

strategy hex game

A game of Tavern Stones in progress

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