Arthurian Freeform – 1

This is a quick freeform game I started using just an oracle when I was on vacation and had only a handful of dice and my Mythic tables but no game rules or ability to use character sheets. I have been reading Lord Tennyson’s Idylls of the King, so this is heavily influenced by Arthurian legend.

Since I began it in a journal, I attempt to make heavy use of the oracle to drive the action, with relatively little exposition in between (makes it faster and easier to write). As such, I think this “moves” more quickly than my other stories. I actually like it, and hope to do more like this in the future.


Character creation was simple. I created two characters with four stats: body (physical strength), skill (dexterity and general competence), mind (learning and willpower), and charisma. Other than those few stats, I left the pair as a relatively blank slate to be developed as I played.

Sir Ermis, knight: Body+2, Skill+1, Mind-1, Cha+0

Calandra, sage: Body-1, Skill+1, Mind+2, Cha+0

As mentioned earlier, I knew that this would take place in a (loose) Arthurian world, so Sir Ermis is a knight of Arthur’s court and Calandra a sage in the Merlin-y sorcerer’s tradition.

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P&P Goblin Slayer — 2

In my first Goblin Slayer session, my four-member party was stymied from finding work by a mysterious closure at the Guild Hall. Refusing to be deterred, the adventurers spent the day in town, preparing for the first official Quest.

Reminder: You can find links to every one of my solo session game reports on my Campaign Logs page.

Scene 3. Finding Work.

Another night passes quietly in the town as the four untested warriors rest themselves in preparation of the coming dawn. 

  • Is the Guild open for business? +2: yes

The party rises early and heads to the towering hall. A few other parties have beaten them there–mostly other low-ranked adventurers looking for work–but the doors are open already and guild reps are milling about the floor.

Cleric and Fighter move to the front counter while Thief and Magic-User linger on the floor, listening for rumors.

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