I’ve created this page to host the dungeons that I end up creating through solo play. Many (most) of these are unfinished, since I rarely explore entire dungeons, but it would be easy enough to add your own content or turn the open corridors into cave-ins.

Undercity Campaign

This dungeon was generated using Kabuki Kaiser’s Ruins of the Undercity dungeon generator. Although I’ve only run one party through it so far, I hope to expand it with more parties in the future.

The Undercity: 19 rooms so far, level 1. Actual Play | Dungeon Page

Keep on the Borderlands Campaign

These dungeons were generated with a variety of generators, including Appendix A and Kabuki Kaiser’s Mad Monks of Kwantoom, for a low-level Labyrinth Lord campaign.

Beneath the Standing Stones: Nine rooms, level 1. Actual Play | Dungeon Page

Works Beneath the Keep: Ten rooms, level 1. Actual Play | Dungeon Page


These dungeons are designed to fit entirely within a 22×25 square wet-erase battle mat. They are usually envisioned as more of a single long encounter or series of short encounters.

Sewer Temple: Unkeyed. Dungeon Page