Beneath the Standing Stones

This nine-room dungeon lies at the bottom of a pit that yawns up from a ring of standing stones. A demon-summoning portal lies in the depth of the dungeon. Because the dungeon is in active use, the sorceress and her chaos allies will actively attempt to thwart the PCs if they attempt to leave and return.

Actual play example

Character Level: 1

Hook: Strange lightning continuously blasts the land around the stones. The party are sent to investigate and end the disaster, which is caused by power drawn into the dungeon through two great lightning rods to power the sorceries.

1. Entrance Chamber: Empty. This room lies at the bottom of a 40′ deep, sheer-walled pit. A pit trap (save v paralysis or d6 dmg) is triggered by opening the eastern door.

2. Armory: An incredibly toxic mushroom/fungus (save v poison or 2d6 damage if you inhale) coats the ruined weapon racks that fill this room. 4 silver spears worth 30 gp each are still here.

3. Watch Room: Empty. Mundane furniture.

4. Kitchen: 4 Dwarven Maniacs (HD1, max hp, AC 10 (none), Atk: great cleaver (d6+1, +1), MV 40′, ML 12) are here cooking a humanoid corpse on a spit over a fire pit.

5. Pantry: Rotting food lines the shelves. There is a fine box lined in silver filigree (worth 100 gp) that hold 250 gp.

Area A. The clerics from the Ruined Temple may be encountered in this corridor.

6. Ruined Temple: A great brazier casts shadows around the room. A statue against the north wall seems to shift between depicting a man and a monster as the light plays across it. Six priests worship here.

Chaos Priests: C1, AC 14 (chain), Atk: mace (d6, +0), MV 30′, ML 9, Spells: prefer Charm Person, Cause Light Wounds, and Detect Good.

7. Giant’s Den: A hulking, mute man lives on a bed of rotting wood. Giantling: HD 3 (11 hp), AC 12 (thick hide), Atk: club (d6+3, +3), MV 40′, ML 8.

8. Map Room: A map on the center table reveals the enemy’s plans. Spell components against the wall (test INT to identify) are worth 600 gp, but are toxic (save v poison or take d6+1 dmg).

9. Summoning Chamber: Copper lightning rods draw lightning from the surface to power a summoning circle engraved in the northern wall. A sorceress will summon a beautiful, masculine demon here if given a chance.

Sorceress: MU 2 (10 hp), AC 10 (robes), Atk: dagger (d6-1, +0), MV 40′, ML 9, Spells: Read Magic, Magic Missile*, Open Summoning Portal*. The sorceress wears a necklace with jewels worth 500, 100, 100, and 10 gp, and she carries a minor magic item.

Demon: HD 2 (10 hp), AC 10 (none), Atk: 2 claws (d6, +2), MV 40′, ML 11, SA Allure: Any victim hit by a claw must test WIS or be unable to attack next round.