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Welcome to the Kobold Warrens

August 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey all, here’s another battlemat-ready map for your game! The scale is 5′ per square and the caverns are lit by torches. Feel free to insert your own enemies and traps as you like!

Swords and Wizardry Kobold Cave

A map from an upcoming adventure idea


New Spells from the Nightmare

I’ve been coming up with new spells for both clerics and magic-users for use in the City of Nightmares. The dungeon is based on a jailed god, the Waking Dreamer, and a cult of necromancers trying to gain control of the subterranean complex. Clerics gain spells dealing with the realm of sleep, while magic-users can begin the study of necromancy. Two samples:


Cleric, Level 1, Touch

The target of the Dream-Lock must Save -2 or be knocked unconscious. The target will be trapped in a labyrinthine dream for as long as the cleric maintains contact.

Summon Imp

Magic-User, Level 2

A magic-user who desires to study necromancy should begin with the ability to Summon Imp. For one hour, the Imp will serve the at the MU’s beck and call, but if the MU does not take three minutes to undo the summoning before the end of the hour, the imp will turn on his master.

The City of Nightmares

June 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello all,

I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I’ve been working on a BIG project, that’s actually coming along nicely. The City of Nightmares is going to be a cross between old-school style megadungeoning (although with out quite the epic scale. I think the City will weigh in at about 250 rooms total) with a bit of a new-school influence. Hopefully it will eventually make its way into PDF book form, but for now, here’s a sample of the rough draft of one of the maps.

Rough draft of The City of Nightmares map

Taken with my phone, so please excuse the poor quality. It's on its way!

The finished project will include tons of quests, original enemies and magic items, a semi-detailed description of the city above (with plenty of room for referee improv), and approximately 5 floors.

Gem Valuing

May 20, 2010 2 comments

Over at Gothridge Manor there’s an excellent post on valuing gems. In a comment, I replied with my own (admittedly simplistic) version of gem valuing for S&W. If you’re interested:

Emerald Ring

Um...I'll give you like, 35 copper for it.


Whenever a player tries to value an art or treasure piece, I secretly roll a d10. For every number BELOW 5, they undervalue it by 10%. For every number ABOVE 6, they overvalue the object by 10% (this can make for some regretful discards when they players are trying to decide what to load onto their mule). A 5 or 6 means they get the real value.

Tim adds the character’s INT bonuses and many social factors (style, etc.) into the equation, but I simply am not a fast enough thinker on my DM-feet to do this (plus, we play S&W, so there’s no INT bonuses). If a player has 15+ INT, I will adjust the d10 roll one closer to the 5-6 sweet spot (I do not tell my players this rule).


When the players go to sell in town, they will receive the price they ask if they are undervaluing the object (I don’t allow haggling in my game unless the players are buying or selling something story-related or epic in value, such as a warship or keep). If they overvalue the object, the shopkeeper refuses and will only give them the correct value of the object.

If players suspect that the object is undervalued, they can pay an appraiser 10-15 gp to analyze an object in any town with at least 1,000 people in it.

Waxing Sun and Daylight’s End

April 4, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s a magical item day today! The Waxing Sun is a paladin’s sword found in a ruined abbey in my Greyfeather Downs campaign.

Waxing Sun

This +1 Longsword is a paladin’s weapon. It shines with bright sunlight (and all the effects that sunlight has) out to 15′, and deals an extra d6 damage against undead and hellish enemies.

Any Chaotic character taking the sword must make a Save -1 check. If they fail, they take d6 + [level] damage and drop the blade. If they succeed, the blade transforms into the Daylight’s End.

Daylight’s End

The Daylight’s End is a +2 Longsword, and it glows with a dim green flame out to 30′ (enough to see and navigate, but not to read). The fire in the Daylight’s End is a hellish fire, and does not create heat.

The Daylight’s End is a dark knight’s blade. If an Order character tries to wield it, he must make a Save check or take d8 + [level] damage and drop the blade. If he succeeds, it transforms into the Waxing Sun.

Character Sheets for NPCs and Hirelings

March 25, 2010 Leave a comment

NPC and Hireling Char Sheet

Here is the page I use to print out character sheets for NPCs and hirelings for my Swords and Wizardry game. The little boxes are 3″x2.5″, and a standard index card fits two of them perfectly (make sure you stack them top-to-bottom on the card, not side-to-side), which can then be cut into easily managed half-card character sheets! It’s perfect!

I realize that I don’t have room for their stats, but that’s because I have taken to generating NPCs and hirelings like monsters; it makes it easy to come up with them on the fly. I usually use the first line of the Spells/Special/Inventory part of the card to make a note of approximately how much it costs to hire that particular person.

I also don’t have a space for EXP; this is a house rule of mine–NPCs don’t receive a share of monster experience; they level up when they get an amount of GP equal to the EXP required to level.

I hope you like the sheets. Comments are appreciated! I also have a four-to-a-page character sheet for S&W that I will upload in a couple days, if you’re interested.

Magical Item: The Fetish of Eddermung

February 19, 2010 1 comment


Swords & Wizardry Magic Item Dog Skull

The Fetish of Eddermung

The Fetish of Eddermung is a sentient demon skull  connected to a living demon corpse in the astral plane. The physical skull has been encased in a thin layer of living stone and, when placed atop a staff or spear, is used by the Eddermung tribe of hobgoblins as a watchdog. As hate incarnate, the skull both envies and despises all true life, cursing and demeaning them in every living language and ten thousand forgotten ones.

Superstitious, relatively unintelligent species (they must be sentient) can often be kept at bay simply by posting the Fetish outside a room or cave. It can see perfectly well in utter darkness or blinding light, and its half-phased body exists in the astral plane. This splice is what makes it immobile, but allows it to attack any beings that attempt to pass by it while phasing. More than one magic user has met his end by accidentally transporting himself while carrying the Fetish in his pack.

An adventuring party could make use of the Fetish as a sentry or a ward against wandering monsters reclaiming a dungeon that they are in the process of claiming. By carrying the Fetish in a sealed sack, or by securing its eyes with a blindfold, the Fetish can be transported in silence. If it catches sight of your party, however, its screaching could alert several hundred feet of dungeon to your presence.