The Undercity

This dungeon was created using a combination of Mythic GM Emulator and Ruins of the Undercity. It was the focus of the first several sessions of the Undercity Labyrinth Lord campaign, and I plan on getting back to it some day.

Actual play start

1. Empty Chamber. A 10′ spiked pit guards the northern entrance.

2. Torchlit Chamber. 13 giant rats are eating a recently-killed adventurer.

3. Frescoed Hall. The statue of an ancient king stands here, surrounded by frescoes recounting his deeds. 1-2 giant fire beetles are here.

4. Foul Sump. Stinking sewer runoff fills this room and the surrounding corridors, draining from small pipes near the ceiling. A tripwire triggers a falling spear from the ceiling.

5. Torture Chamber. 3 zombies are in this small chamber, lit by lamps burning in clay aloves.

6. Refuse Chamber. Heaped garbage fills this room.

7. Flooded Chamber. Lukewarm water fills this chamber to a height of about 3′. Clay pots stand on a shelf near the back wall. The pots are trapped with poison gas and contain 105 ancient coins worth 1pp each.

8. Hanging Lantern Room. A dozen+ lanterns of different sizes and shapes hang from the ceiling here. They contain small men and women that are being burned on the wicks. If anyone tampers with the lanterns, they will retract into the ceiling.

9. Octagonal Chamber. A worked silver nose ring and chain (worth 300 gp) lies in a niche in the west wall. A heavy tapestry (worth 200 gp, requires two people to carry) hangs from the wall.

10. Octagonal Chamber. Slime lines the walls and paintings of ghouls scrambling down from a gilding ceiling line the walls. “BLOODBATH LIES BEHIND” is scrawled on the southern wall.

11. Slime-Filled Room. Empty except for the slime seeping through the walls.

12. Small Closet. The skin of a dead man is pinned to the wall. A torch hides a secret passage to the south.

13. Flooded Chamber. Empty.

14. Flooded Chamber. Empty.

15. Incense Room. Contains a stone bowl filled with burning/burned incense. A pressure plate triggers a fusillade of darts that attack anyone entering.

16. Shrine Chamber. Chamber with a horrific shrine to a death god. Surrounded by offal and refuse. A fireball trap will hit anyone who tampers with it.

17. Ill-lit Room. A table in the middle holds half-burnt candle stubs.

18. Triangular Hall. Heavy, valuable (200 gp) tapestries line the walls here. A javelin trap triggered by a pressure plate guards the door.

19. Barred Cave. This cave is low and unevenly floored, making movement and visibility difficult. A securely-barred gate blocks access to stairs that go back to the surface.