Companion Page: Borderlands


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Mythic Stuff

Threads: Stop the threat of Chaos in the region, investigate lightning storm over swamp (500 gp reward), trader closed, map of region

NPCs: captured overseer, Corporal of the Watch, Castellan, missing Trader

Rumors: Massive dog men live in the higher reaches of the caves (Truth: 4+?)

The Party

Zephaniah (sword)Israel (mace)

Israel Clemont: C1 (1222 xp), 1/6 hp, 15-8-11-11-15-10. Atk: Mace (d6+1, +1). AC 14 (chain, shield, -dex). Backpack: bedroll, rations (3), waterskin, torches (8), filigree box, Mercy’s spell book, evil spell book, gems (710 gp). Spells: None. 114 gp. Brewer.

Zephaniah Poole: F1 (1222 xp), 6/6 hp, 13-14-8-9-11-9. Atk: Sword (d6+1, +1), Silver Spear (d6+1, +1), Shortbow (d6, +1, 15 arrows). AC 16 (chain, shield, dex). Backpack: bedroll, rations (3), rations (3), waterskin (2), lantern (7), spell components. 116 gp. Armorer.

Donkey 1: Feed (12), 155 gp, chainmail, chainmail, waterskin, rations (27), 2 silver spears

Donkey 2: Feed (12), 198 gp, chainmail, waterskin, waterskin, waterskin, rations (27), silver spear


Tangrir the Fencer (Fighter 1, 62/2025xp): 11-16-9-14-10-6. 1/8 hp. 16 ac (chain+dex). Melee: rapier (+0 dmg, +2 hit). Ranged: bow (+0 dmg, +2 hit). 0 gp. Inventory (8/10): rapier, bow and quiver (19), bedroll, waterskin, ration (6), 10′ pole, flint, torches (6). Currently Retired.

Map and Dungeons

02-05. Roadhouse. A well-kept inn lies on the road here. It is a stopping point for those traveling to or from the Keep. The innkeeper is a retired 3rd-level fighter.

03-05. The Keep on the Borderlands. The civilized West’s first line of defense against the growing threat of Chaos. There are tunnels beneath the Keep that Chaos is using to undermine the inner bailey.

08-02. Ring of Standing Stones in the midst of a lightning-blasted wasteland. A pit in the middle leads 40′ down. Machinery pounds in the darkness.

08-05. Ruined castle, broken by a siege a few months/years prior. The small dungeon beneath was recently used by a necromancer to work magic.

08-06. Ruined longhouse. An agrarian family of six used to live within this large, lightly-defended home. Now three are dead and bound as zombies to the pillars within, and a ruined grain wagon lies in the yard.

09-03. The Caves of Chaos.