The Undercity – Session 10

The Setup

In my last Undercity game, the party slept through the gates of the City of Spires and began their winding journey toward the ruins known as the Bridge of Light in the employ of a small cult that calls themselves the Circle of the Star.

Undercity - World Map - 3 (day 1-3 of travel)
The road thus far.

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The Undercity – Session 8

After bringing up a haul of treasure worth more than 1,500 gold pieces in their last delve, the party decides that it may be time to consider seeking employment in a place more conducive to their well-being, at least while the money holds out.

In game terms, this means that it is time to create an overworld for Mythic and d30 Sandbox-driven adventures as the party seeks out non-megadungeon encounters for a while (although I’m hoping to still explore dungeons, possibly using the DMG Appendix A, the 1001 Pagodas of Doom, or Schweig’s Themed Dungeon Generator).

Undercity - World Map - 1
The City and its fortresses hold an important strategic position along the fertile corridor between the western ocean and great inland sea (really a massive freshwater lake).

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The Undercity: Session 4

[The Boys Are] Back in Town

Dividing the Loot

This session begins as the party returns to the City of Spires, emerging for the damp darkness of the Undercity. They spent three hours underground, bringing their total time in the dungeon to 4 hours, 50 minutes.

The party is wounded but no one was killed, and all four men-at-arms are returning with good morale after the successful adventure and sizable loot hall.

The party killed 3 zombies (HD 2) for 87 exp.

The party recovered 105 ancient imperial coins worth 1 pp each for 1,050 exp. These will still need to be sold to be converted into spendable wealth, although I’ve given the party 100% exp for the find even if they receive only half of that when selling.

The party gained a total of 1,137 exp (284 each). Each party member now has 315-330 exp, depending on bonuses.

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The Undercity: Session 2


Pacing change:¬†My goal for this Undercity post is to keep it moving much faster; this is a delve-style solo game, so I’m going to try leaving a lot of the action summarized or unstated. I’ll leave the greater narrative focus for above-ground adventures that use Mythic. I do aim to use Mythic during the delve to help create an ongoing story/mythos that I can explore in overworld adventures, as well.

Rules change: After reading LL’s magic-user creation rules, I’ve decided to allow Gadroom to select his starting 3 spells instead of rolling for them randomly. Instead of the useless Light, Read Languages, and Protection from Evil, he now knows Sleep, Read Magic, and Invisibility (2nd level). These should prove much more handy going forward.

Begin the Game

Following the party’s successful (though not profitable) first delve into the sewers beneath the City of Spires, they decided to return to the surface and spend some of their remaining coin hiring additional men-at-arms and recuperating from their wounds.

Without recovering any treasure in the ruins, they are unable to upgrade any equipment and decide to avoid spending the time and risk exploring the City to find new goods.

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The Undercity: Session 1

Following the quick end to my last Undercity attempt, I’ve decided to roll up another party and get straight to business, filling in their back stories only if they survive.

Thudok, Fighter 1 (hp 9/9); Abilities: 16-12-13-7-8-12. Inventory: 112gp 8sp, bedroll, waterskin, iron ration

Gadroom, Magic User 1 (hp 5/5); Abilities: 4-9-10-13-8-12; Spells: Light [], Protection from Evil, Read Languages; Inventory: 67 gp 8 sp, Spell book, iron ration, waterskin, bedroll

Horatio, Cleric 1 (hp 8/8); Abilities: 10-9-14-8-16-11; Spells: Cure light wounds []; Inventory: 142 gp 8 sp, Bedroll, waterskin, iron ration

Xevius, Thief 1 (hp 7/7); Abilities: 9-14-13-7-7-8; Inventory: 92 gp 8 sp, bedroll, waterskin, iron ration

Per the Ruins of the Undercity rules, I’ll be starting them with virtually no equipment except for my house-ruled minimal gear, which each PC paid 7 gp 2 sp for. Everything else, they’ll have to buy in the City of Spires!

Undercity Dungeon 1: Session 1

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S&W Solo: City of Spires (Session 2)

Last time in this campaign, Alindor, the main PC, was hired by a young woman to look for her father in the Underdwell (renamed), the labyrinthine sprawl beneath the City of Spires. Unfortunately, the girl herself was kidnapped before they had a chance to descend, and the only clue pointed to the Iron Hand, a local criminal game of some power.

Alindor is now racing towards the inn where he first met the girl, and the knight who was going to lead him to the entrance to the sewers.

Does he reach the inn without incident? +0: yes, but…

The streets are already bustling this early in the morning, but no one notices him as he passes. However, when he arrives the knight is nowhere to be found.

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