The Undercity: Session 4

[The Boys Are] Back in Town

Dividing the Loot

This session begins as the party returns to the City of Spires, emerging for the damp darkness of the Undercity. They spent three hours underground, bringing their total time in the dungeon to 4 hours, 50 minutes.

The party is wounded but no one was killed, and all four men-at-arms are returning with good morale after the successful adventure and sizable loot hall.

The party killed 3 zombies (HD 2) for 87 exp.

The party recovered 105 ancient imperial coins worth 1 pp each for 1,050 exp. These will still need to be sold to be converted into spendable wealth, although I’ve given the party 100% exp for the find even if they receive only half of that when selling.

The party gained a total of 1,137 exp (284 each). Each party member now has 315-330 exp, depending on bonuses.

Daily Wages

The men-at-arms were pleased by their promised share of the treasure and the fact that they faced relatively little mortal peril during the adventure, and all four agree to stay on [without a morale roll, since they have 50 gp each coming in treasure].

The party will have to spend 12 gp per day to maintain itself outside of the dungeon (8 gp for room and board and 4 gp for wages for the four men-at-arms).

Shopping and Selling

The party knows that it needs to rest, spend some time beneath the sun, and explore the city to sell the coins they found and, possibly, obtain better arms and armor for its fighters.

It takes [d4+1: 5] five days to finish the party’s chores above ground and prepare themselves to return beneath.

Day 1: Event! (Merchant offers to pay 300 gp for map)

The party divides the ancient coins amongst themselves to protect them from loss, pick pockets, etc., and attempts to find a buyer for the collectibles. [Test 5d6 against CHA: 17 vs 12 (fail)] Unfortunately, the best they can find is a nobleman offering them 5 gp per coin–about half of what the party believes they’re worth.

After thinking about the offer, the party decides to take it–they owe the men-at-arms something for their share of the adventure, and the party desperately wants to get a set of plate armor to increase survivability if one can be found.

The party gains 525 gp. Each share is worth 105 gp.
The men-at-arms get 26 gp, 2 sp, 5 cp each.

As the party leaves, the nobleman’s seneschal calls them back. He is examining one of the coins he just purchased. “If you can show me where you found these, and where I could possibly find more, it might be worth your while. Bring me a map of your next delve into the Undercity. I’d pay 300 gold suns for it.”

The party agrees immediately. [Add quest: Sell map to nobleman for 300 gp.]

The party pays 12 gp for room and board and wages.

Day 2: No event

The party travels to the market district and seeks out the Brass Anvil shop, where the shopkeeper has [d4-1: 1] a single set of plate armor available for purchase. Exclaiming their good luck, the party buys it.

In exchange for the 450 gp purchase price, the smith also performs the minor alterations needed to allow Thudok’s banded mail to fit Horatio and Horatio’s chain to fit Guldor the man-at-arms.

Thudok: AC 17 (plate + shield)
Horatio: AC 16 (band + shield)
Guldor: AC 15 (chain + shield)

The party pays 12 gp for room and board and wages.

Day 3: Event! (Elven embassy: 6 elves are available)

A small warband of elves arrives at the party’s inn overnight. They are a stern, battle-hardened lot and it is clear that they intend to descend into the Undercity for some inscrutable purpose.

Are they elves looking for an entrance into the Undercity? +0: yes

Over the course of the day it becomes clear that the elves are looking for a guide to show them a way into the sewers.

Will they pay well for the information? -2: yes

They offer 100 gold pieces for information about how to access the Undercity. The party, hesitant to reveal their entrance into the dungeon for fear that the best loot will be taken, still considers the offer for its guaranteed income.

Eventually, the party agrees to the deal and shows the elves how to reach the dungeon. They emphasize the northern route to the second floor, guiding them the same way that they did the brigands they met a few days earlier. [There is a slim chance that the next treasure the party finds will have already been looted instead.]

The party gains 100 gp and pays 12 gp for room and board and wages.

Day 4: No event

The party pays 12 gp for room and board and wages.

Day 5: No event

The party pays 12 gp for room and board and wages.

Over the course of this trip to the surface the party gained 520 gold pieces (105*4 + 100) and spent 510 gp on plate armor and incidentals. The party now has a total of 138 gp 2 sp in its possession (not counting hireling coins, which I assume are squirreled away or spent immediately), which the members split evenly to protect the treasure in the event that something tragic happens to one of the members.

Preparing to Delve

Their business topside concluded, the party prepares itself for another delve into the Undercity. This time, they plan to follow the tunnel west and explore the side tunnels and doors that they missed the last time around.

Thudok, Fighter 1 (315 exp). HP 9/9; AC 17 (plate + shield); Atk +1 (d6+1 sword); Purse: 32 gp 5 sp 5 cp; Inventory (7): sword, bedroll, waterskin, ration, hammer, spikes (4), 20′ rope

Horatio, Cleric 1 (330 exp). HP 8/8; AC 16 (band + shield); Atk +0 (d6 mace); Purse: 32 gp 5 sp 5 cp; Inventory (6): mace, bedroll, waterskin, ration, flint, torches (7)Spell: Cure Light Wounds

Gadroom, Magic-User 1 (315 exp). HP 5/5; AC 10 (robes); Atk -1 (d6-1 dagger); Purse: 32 gp 5 sp 5 cp; Inventory (8): dagger, bedroll, waterskin, ration, flint, torches (8), spellbook, mapping equipment; Spell: Sleep

Xevius, Thief 1 (315 exp). HP 7/7; AC 13 (leather + dex); Atk +1 (d6 daggers); Purse: 32 gp 5 sp 5 cp; Inventory (8): Dagger, dagger, thieves’ tools, bedroll, waterskin, ration, 10′ pole, 20′ rope

Men-at-arms: All standard hires except Guldor, who wears chain and shield now (AC 15). Guldor and Candim, in the second row behind Horatio and Thudok, carry lances to attack in melee.

Next time, we delve!

Reminder: You can view all session on the Campaign Logs page, and there is a Companion Page for this campaign that features the latest map.

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