Works Beneath the Keep

This system of tunnels cuts beneath the Keep on the Borderlands. Forces of Chaos are attempting to undermine the Keep and destroy the inner bailey without having to fight the forces of Order directly. There is not a lot of treasure here, since the forces of Chaos are not actually moving in.

Actual play: Part 1, Part 2

Character Level: 1

Hook: Monster activity within the Keep has gotten out of control and no one is sure how they’re getting in. When someone sees a monster dive back into the well in the square, the Corporal asks the adventurers to find out how they’re getting in.

1. Entrance Well. A rope leads up to the Keep on the Borderlands.

Area A. 9 Skeletons stand watch along this tunnel.

2. Stalagmite Chamber. An escaped slave died here. He hid a chest with 30 gp 500 sp beneath a pile of loose stones before he died.

Area B. 4 Stirges live among the cracks on the roof here. Fighting may draw foes from room 3.

3. Unstable Chamber. Dust and silt fall from the ceiling, and the walls are tumbled stones. 11 kobolds and a first level human fighter in the service of chaos patrol this room and the nearby corridors.

4. Rotten Midden. 4 giant centipedes crawl through refuse. A secret door leads out through the northern wall.

5. Slave Camp. The detritus of a camp for the slaves who dug the tunnels.

6. Torture Chamber. 500 sp are hidden in a sack in a barrel of oil.

7. Butchery. Animals are brought here from the hidden trail below for slaughter.

Area C. The ceiling here is weak. Has a 1-in-6 chance of collapsing when walked under. All within 15′ save v paralysis or take d6 damage.

8. Sapping Works. 4 Chaos Miners and 1 Overseer are trying to undermine the inner bailey by placing explosives in the ceiling.

9. Sacrificial Chamber. A chaos-thing fills this entire room. It can break down the wall into the corridor to pursue victims. 1,100 sp and 1,100 cp.

Chaos-Thing: HD3 (11 hp), AC 14 (blubber), AT 2 sucker-arms (d6, +3), MV 10′, ML 12, SA Face of Chaos: save v. paralysis or you are unable to attack.  SA Foul venom: If hit by both sucker-arms, save v. poison or die. Killing the Chaos-Thing will immediately destabilize the invaders and cause them to panic and flee.

10. Chaos Temple. 10 kobolds are here with the robes and accoutrement of chaos-worship. A dark obelisk has a chance to teach magic-users a random 1st level spell.