Epees and Sorcellerie — 2

NOTE: This is a continuation of Part 1 of my solo adventure in the world of the d6-based retro-style RPG, Epees & Sorcellerie. My goal for this game is to let the adventure and plot take center stage and hope that emergent storytelling will eventually bloom, rather than focusing on the game and oracle as any kind of fiction-generating tool. As such, a lot of the characters will be poorly sketched out at first, but should reveal themselves if they survive long enough.

Setup Material

Experience Record

  • Thunderbird = 300 exp

Character Sheets

Hallada, P1 (109 exp). S4 D9 C4 I9 W12 C7. HP 4/4. AC 10 (shield). AT: mace (-1 hit, -1 dmg). Spells (1/2): healing, detect magic. Inventory: holy symbol, scripture, dagger, blanket, 2 ration, lantern, brooch (35 gp value). 21 gp. Goal: overthrow/pleasures (a real wet blanket).

Bruge, W1 (109 exp). S10 D12 C8 I6 W9 C7. HP: 4/4. AC 12 (none). AT: battle axe (+2 hit, +2 dmg) or bow (+3 hit, +2 dmg). Inventory: dagger, blanket, 2 ration. 22 gp. Goal: harm/illusions (all about tearing down the veneer of civilization).

Silene, W1 (109 exp). S8 D7 C10 I8 W5 C9. HP: 6/8. AC 9 (leather and shield). AT: sword (+1 hit, +0 dmg) or crossbow (+1 hit, +0 dmg). Inventory: dagger, blanket, 2 ration, lantern. 20 gp. Goal: travel/portals (wanderlust, insatiable curiosity).

Josue, P1 (109 exp). S9 D9 C7 I4 W11 C8. HP: 5/6. AC 10 (shield). AT: hammer (+1 hit, +1 dmg). Spells (2): healing, sanctuary. Inventory: holy symbol, scripture, dagger, blanket, 2 ration, torch. 21 gp. Goal: procrastinate/enemies (standing alone against an unspecified threat).

Mythic Stuff

NPCs: Barssus, a foppish and overpromoted captain in the Hierophant’s army.

Threads: Discover the fate of the missing supply wagon to earn 100 gp each.

The Game

The party lurked outside the cave, waiting for something to happen. Silene fiddled with her crossbow. Bruge picked his nails with the edge of his axe.

Do they see anything? -1: No. Random encounter check while waiting: None.

But all was quiet. They waited the better part of an hour and grew bored. Finally, Josue rose. “I’m going in,” he said. “Justice can’t wait any longer.”

Silene rolled her eyes as Hallada stood up, but she stood up to follow the priests as well. Bruge caught up as they neared the cave entrance. He took a few practice swings with his axe and shouldered his way up to the front.

Marching Order: Bruge and Josue in front. Silene (holding her crossbow) and Hallada (holding mace and lantern) in the second row.

They traveled on deep into the cliff face before the low, unworked corridor ended at door.

Listen Check (Josue): 5+2 = 7, moderate. If there is a monster in the room I will decide whether a moderate success would have been enough to hear it. If so, the party will be able to prepare/surprise the foes.

Room 1: 2000′ hexagon, exits to north and east. Contains Monster and 275 gp + 850 ep. What is the monster? Ruin/Home. What is the room like? Busily/Damaged. An ogre smashing his own cave up. A moderate listen check would definitely determine that. Is the ogre a slave or the occupant? Slave. Is it full-grown? -1: No.

Josue leaned toward the door and then jerked back. He placed a finger to his lips, but a moment later there was no need for secrecy. A great roar resounded inside the room, and they heard the sound of stones smashing together. The party hoisted their weapons.

Josue kicked the door in. Beyond was a huge, hexagonal cave. Rubble and stalagmites broke the even floor. Within, a hideous naked man raged against a chain the thickness of a man’s wrist. He was eight, nine feet tall, easy, and his eyes were made with a dumb rage.

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Epees and Sorcellerie – 1

I have decided that Ironsworn really isn’t for me. I didn’t like that my character felt helpless at everything, and that dice rolls prevent what I had been hoping to be light diversionary quest legs into meandering, obstacle-filled trudges. I’m sure there’s a way to play it well, but until I have a chance to watch some videos/find some AARs, I think I’m going to step back to D&D inspired party roleplaying for a while.

In this session, I’ve decided to roll up a party of Epees & Sorcellerie characters and explore a dungeon generated entirely through Mythic.

Also, I’m going to apologize right off the bat for some truly horrendous switching between past and present tense. I write these up in the wordpress editor as I play, and depending on the pace of the game during a particular session (these usually take 3-5 days to play through), I may accidentally get swept up in what feels right, only to come back the next day during a placid scene and forget I was doing present tense for the adventure. Please forgive me.


I started by discarding any PC with a total score of lower than +0, since I figured they would be unlikely to choose the adventuring warrior life.

Bruge, W1. S10 D12 C8 I6 W9 C7. HP: 4/4. AC 12 (none). AT: battle axe (+2 hit, +2 dmg) or bow (+3 hit, +2 dmg). Inventory: dagger, blanket, ration. 10 gp. Goal: harm/illusions (all about tearing down the veneer of civilization).

Josue, P1. S9 D9 C7 I4 W11 C8. HP: 6/6. AC 10 (shield). AT: hammer (+1 hit, +1 dmg). Spells (2): healing, sanctuary. Inventory: holy symbol, scripture, dagger, blanket, ration, torch. 9 gp. Goal: procrastinate/enemies (standing alone against an unspecified threat).

Hallada, P1. S4 D9 C4 I9 W12 C7. HP 4/4. AC 10 (shield). AT: mace (-1 hit, -1 dmg). Spells (2): healing, detect magic. Inventory: holy symbol, scripture, dagger, blanket, ration, lantern. 8 gp. Goal: overthrow/pleasures (a real wet blanket).

Silene, W1. S8 D7 C10 I8 W5 C9. HP: 8/8. AC 9 (leather and shield). AT: sword (+1 hit, +0 dmg) or crossbow (+1 hit, +0 dmg). Inventory: dagger, blanket, ration, lantern. 7 gp. Goal: travel/portals (wanderlust, insatiable curiosity).

The Game

The entrance hall. Low and quiet. Litter fills the dank chamber. Corridors stretch off, east and west. A tall bronze door stands before them. They head west into the darkness.

Created with DungeonScrawl. A heck of a lot easier than my old GIMP work.

What do they find? usurp/the spritual. A site of some profane ritual. Are there still people here? +1: yes. Is the room large? +0: yes.

The tunnel emerges into a smoky room, lit by fires blazing in a set of braziers in the corners. An altar, something obviously wrong, rises from the north end of the room.

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Arthurian Freeform – 1

This is a quick freeform game I started using just an oracle when I was on vacation and had only a handful of dice and my Mythic tables but no game rules or ability to use character sheets. I have been reading Lord Tennyson’s Idylls of the King, so this is heavily influenced by Arthurian legend.

Since I began it in a journal, I attempt to make heavy use of the oracle to drive the action, with relatively little exposition in between (makes it faster and easier to write). As such, I think this “moves” more quickly than my other stories. I actually like it, and hope to do more like this in the future.


Character creation was simple. I created two characters with four stats: body (physical strength), skill (dexterity and general competence), mind (learning and willpower), and charisma. Other than those few stats, I left the pair as a relatively blank slate to be developed as I played.

Sir Ermis, knight: Body+2, Skill+1, Mind-1, Cha+0

Calandra, sage: Body-1, Skill+1, Mind+2, Cha+0

As mentioned earlier, I knew that this would take place in a (loose) Arthurian world, so Sir Ermis is a knight of Arthur’s court and Calandra a sage in the Merlin-y sorcerer’s tradition.

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P&P Goblin Slayer — 2

In my first Goblin Slayer session, my four-member party was stymied from finding work by a mysterious closure at the Guild Hall. Refusing to be deterred, the adventurers spent the day in town, preparing for the first official Quest.

Reminder: You can find links to every one of my solo session game reports on my Campaign Logs page.

Scene 3. Finding Work.

Another night passes quietly in the town as the four untested warriors rest themselves in preparation of the coming dawn. 

  • Is the Guild open for business? +2: yes

The party rises early and heads to the towering hall. A few other parties have beaten them there–mostly other low-ranked adventurers looking for work–but the doors are open already and guild reps are milling about the floor.

Cleric and Fighter move to the front counter while Thief and Magic-User linger on the floor, listening for rumors.

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Pits & Perils: Goblin Slayer — 1

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to update the blog. I’ve been distracted by other hobbies–primarily computer role-playing. Over the last twelve months, I’ve beaten Final Fantasy XIIBaldur’s GateThe Witcher, and am well on my way to beating Dragon Age: Origins. These games are all great values, but they’ve definitely taken away from my ability to get a lot of solo role-playing in.

However, I recently began watching the anime Goblin Slayer online, and I’m hooked. It’s so obviously inspired by early D&D that it’s made me want to break out my Pits and Perils books and roll up a party–so that’s what I’m going to do!

Game and World Setup

GS is a world that seems torn between the tropes of western fantasy gaming and Japanese video role-playing games in a wonderful way. Heroes in the show are vulnerable and enemies deadly, but the characters all align to the strict class-systems of gaming and operate out of an adventurer’s guild replete with published quests.

It’s a straight-forward world, and it’s one that seems like it should lend itself perfectly to solo gaming.

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DSA 1 – Gideon’s Game – Session 2

This is part two of my short The Dark Eye (1e) adventure started in my last post. The thief Gideon and his companion, an ex-soldier named Eli Barnard, have been hired by the steward of Lord Fathan to seek out the magical amulet of a dead druid in the hope of alleviating a curse. In the last scene, Eli stumbled across the dark druid’s tomb while hunting.



Chaos Level: 4

NPCs: Lord Fathan, Fathan’s steward, thieves’ guild, city watch, Vandercal (dark druid), Silence Murray, fisherman in woods

Threads: Recover Vandercal’s amulet

Delayed Events: Remote Event (Abuse/Masses)


Gideon: Adventurer 1 (0/100 xp); CO 10 – IN 11 – CH 9 – AG 13 – ST 10; LP 30/30; AT 10; PA 9; PRO 2 (padded armor); Purse: 18 sp 19 cp; Inventory (8/10): short sword (d6+2/2/0/0), 3 daggers (d6+1/3/0/-4/r-30′), lantern and 1 pint of oil, flint, 30′ rope, blanket, 2 rations, waterskin

Eli Barnard: Warrior 2 (100/300 xp); CO 12 – IN 11 – CH 8 – AG 13 – ST 13; LP 41/41; AT 11+1; PA 9; PRO 4 (leather and shield); Purse: 23 sp 20 cp; Inventory (6/13): saber (d6+4/2/0/0), shield, crowbar, ration, blanket, spear (d6+2/5/0/0/r-60′)

The Game

Scene 6.

Setup: Examine Vandercal’s tomb
Chaos: 5 vs 4, no chaos

Eli comes jogging back into camp just as Gideon has got a large campfire roaring. “You caught something already?” Gideon asks, impressed.

“Even better,” the soldier says. “I found the tomb. [Does he want to explore it now? +1: yes] Get your things.”

Is it dark yet? +1: yes, but… not pitch black

“You found it?” Gideon asks, rising. “Show me.” Grabbing his sword, he follows Eli into the woods.

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DSA 1 – Gideon’s Game – Session 1

This game is designed to be a quick adventure using the first edition rules of Das Schwarze Auge, at least so far as I could find an unofficial retroclone/translation of them online. Any differences from the official rules are either because they were missing/wrong in my source or I didn’t like them and changed it ;-).

Character Creation

Gideon: Adventurer 1 (0/100 xp); CO 10 – IN 11 – CH 9 – AG 13 – ST 10; LP 30/30; AT 10; PA 9; PRO 2; Purse: 20 sp; Inventory: short sword (d6+2/2/0/0), dagger (d6+1/3/0/-4), padded armor (2)

Quick note: weapon stats are (damage/breakage roll/accuracy penalty/defense penalty). The main game mechanic involves rolling under your scores for Courage, Intelligence, Charisma, Agility, Strength, or Attack/Parry on a d20 when relevant situations occur. Gideon’s high AG means that his Attack OR Parry start with a +1 bonus; I’ve chosen to boost his Parry to increase survivability.

Gideon is a thief, raised rough by thieves and cutpurses in the back alleys of a great city. He is nothing special–passably strong and reasonably sharp, though his tongue gets him into trouble more than it gets him out of it–but his reflexes and agility are exceptional, and he quickly built a reputation for himself on his knifework and second-story skills.

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Barodan the Ranger – Session 1

I’ve been on a bit of a Lord of the Rings kick lately, and it has inspired me to start a solo game using the Labyrinth Lord + AEC rules and play a ranger patrolling the cold north.

Character Creation

Unfortunately, rolling a ranger is hard in the AEC rules. If you go by the straight 3d6 all the way down, the odds of getting CON 15, INT 12, WIS 12 are very slim. I created an excel sheet to roll 30 characters at a time and it took 3 rounds (90 PCs) before I found one.

When I found him, though, I had two good options (S-D-C-I-W-C order, as always for me):


Although I like the idea of a woodland archer, I’m going to go with the S17 guy, primarily because of his I15 giving him a bonus language, which will be Sindarin (Grey-Elven), since Rangers commonly speak the elven tongue amongst themselves. He has the additional advantage of being almost born into the career: he hits the minimum requirements for the 5% exp bonus for the three prime attributes (S-I-W).

Next, I needed to create my character’s personality. In order to try something new, I decided to just roll up somebody interesting using the Universal NPC Emulator. I got:


  1. agonize communications (disrupt Shadow activities)
  2. achieve literature (seek out the truth of legends and myths)
  3. relate compassion (protect the weak)

Barodan the Ranger is warlike first and foremost, doing what he can to take the fight to the enemy. His second driving motivation is curiosity–the old tales draw him beyond the comforts of civilization. Finally, he is truly a compassionate man, and he will risk his own life for those who need his help.

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The Undercity – Session 9

The Setup

In my last Undercity game, the party was hired by the enigmatic prophetess of a small cult to escort their caravan out of the city and to a distant shrine. Their errand was hurried when a contingent of the City Guard attacked the cult’s church and burned its ancient records. Horatio, Thudok, Gadroom, and Xevius have now been swept up into the women’s haste and are now trying to leave the City of Spires without attracting any more attention.

Castle Gate

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