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Campaign Description

This campaign is a single PC hex crawl and open-ended game designed to allow me to get my feet wet in the world of The Dark Eye. The main character is Wilhelm Alflock, an ex-slave who has become apprenticed to an aged sorcerer named Magister Burkhardt Weiss. I don’t have any initial goals for this campaign besides seeing where things going and giving a sprawling sandbox campaign a try.

Tools and Affiliate Links

Rules: I am using The Dark Eye Core Rules and the Aventuria Almanac for the game system in this campaign.

Oracles and Tables: I am predominantly using Mythic, Variations I, and Variations II for this game. I am also using the Universal NPC Emulator (pay what you want–worth getting!) and d30 Sandbox Companion for random tables.

Mythic Points

Chaos Level: 3

NPCs: Baron Adalwin Jonas, Magister Burkhardt Weiss, Josephine Hopfer, Wilhelm’s family, Hermine Krueger (mother), the minstrel, the missing children, Siegfried (soldier), Niels Schimpff (merchant)

Threads: rescue children, obtain rare sorceries, seek revenge against Baron Jonas, examine Schimpff’s grimoire

Character Sheet

Guildless -- Wilhelm Alflock Character Portrait

Name: Wilhelm Alflock
Culture: Middenrealmer (Griffonsford)
Profession: Guildless Mage
Experience: Ordinary (992/1000 AP), 20 years old
Attributes: CO 13 – SG 14 – IN 13 – CH 13 – DX 11 – AG 12 – CN 12 – ST 10
Stats: LP 29/29 – AE 34/34 – SP 2 – TO 1 – DG 6 – INI 12/13 – MV 7/8Purse: 15 gp, 118 sp, 9 cp, 10 ip
Equipment (7/10):
 Elmwood staff, dagger, torch (1), rations (3), clothing and jacket, writing supplies, 30′ rope and grapple
Incidentals (no limit): traveler’s kit, gold ring fashioned as an ouroboros (55 sp), gold ring fashioned as a twisting vine (55 sp)

Combat Skills: Polearms 10, Dagger 6.
Combat Gear: Staff (d6+2 dmg, AT 10, PA 8, long), Dagger
Armor: heavy leather coat (1 PRO, -1 MOV, -1 INI)

Spells: Ventriloquism (cantrip), Snap (cantrip), Armatrutz 6, Fulminictus 5, Balsam Salabunde 5, Odem 4, Paralysis 6, Penetrizzel 4

Skills: Empathy 4, Etiquette 2, Willpower 4, Orienting 3, Geography 4, History 3, Magical Lore 5, Math 4, Myths and Legends 5, Religions 4, Sphere Lore 3, Alchemy 4 (healing potion), Animal Lore 1, Clothworking 1, Metalworking 1, Plant Lore 1, Woodworking 1, Survival 1, Persuasion 4, Fast Talk 3, Stealth 3, Perception 3, Body Control 3, Self Control 3

Languages: Garethi III (literate), Bosporan III (literate), Kusliker and Imperial Signs

Abilities and Advantages: Area Knowledge (Griffonsford), Fox Sense, Strong AE Regen I, Unremarkable Appearance, Spellcaster, Tradition (Guild Mage), Improved Spirit, Binding of the Staff, Eternal Flame (Staff)

Disadvantages: Weak LP Regen I, Curious, Short Temper, Envies Power, Afraid of Water Travel, Obligation II (Magister Burkhardt)