Battlemap 1: Sewer Temple

Here’s a quick battle map I drew for anybody’s use in their home games! It’s unkeyed, but I thought you guys might want to see it. This is one of a couple of maps I drew designed to be able to be fully self-contained on a 22×25 square battle map. This is a temple hidden within a sewer complex beneath a sprawling city. The scale here is 5′ per square. Enjoy!

Battlemap 1: Sewer Temple

New GIMP map–The Temple of Siobath

Hey all, here is a new map I just made with GIMP. I’m trying to get started learning how to use textures, which is why this isn’t the same as the black and white minimalist maps I’ve been making. This is just a start, but I hope you like it!

By the way, it’s been designed to be 25×22 squares, suitable for use with a Chessex battlemat (but the actual picture is 25×24, so you have to make the last room squares bump up against the mat if you intend to use it as such).

GIMP textured map
The Temple of Siobath, hopefully a setting for a new adventure

By the way, there is no furniture or doors yet (the brown lines are stand ins) because I haven’t had time to search for textures for them.

Second draft of floor one

I finished the initial “final draft” of floor one of The City of Nightmares. I’m calling it the final, but lord knows I’ll probably go over it a half-dozen more times before it’s finished.

And now, for your viewing pleasure:

Dungeon map
Here is the current draft of the first floor of my dungeon, The City of Nightmares

As always, any comments/criticisms are appreciated!