S&W Solo: City of Spires (Session 2)

Last time in this campaign, Alindor, the main PC, was hired by a young woman to look for her father in the Underdwell (renamed), the labyrinthine sprawl beneath the City of Spires. Unfortunately, the girl herself was kidnapped before they had a chance to descend, and the only clue pointed to the Iron Hand, a local criminal game of some power.

Alindor is now racing towards the inn where he first met the girl, and the knight who was going to lead him to the entrance to the sewers.

Does he reach the inn without incident? +0: yes, but…

The streets are already bustling this early in the morning, but no one notices him as he passes. However, when he arrives the knight is nowhere to be found.

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S&W Solo: City of Spires (Session 0)

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I don’t know if it’s a good idea to create a second campaign while my Pits and Perils solo campaign is still ongoing, but I’m going to give it a shot since I’m itching to try out a multi-character delve into a randomly generated dungeon.


Theme-wise, I’m aiming to explore a sprawling, forgotten undercity in the vein of Tekumel’s Jakalla, inspired by Dyson Logo’s awesome My Private Jakalla maps (although I won’t be using premade maps). In essence, this will mean an almost infinitely large, flattened dungeon with numerous exits to a thriving city (the City of Spires, whose founding and true name were lost before history began) above. I hope for the campaign to feature primarily dungeon game play but feature some above ground political adventuring, job seeking, etc.

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