Inspiration and Links

Here are links to a few of my favorite resources for gaming, inspiration, and advice.

Solo Tools

Mythic GM Emulator: Mythic (and parts of Variations 1 and Variations 2) are my primary tool for solo roleplaying. In fact, I find that the Mythic oracle makes for a very rules-light experience. I love that this tool gets me closer to a “rules-light” narrative game than I’ve ever been in a multi-player game. An awesome all-in-one for various oracle systems, including Mythic and fudge dice. I first got starting playing the mini-RPG Ghost/Echo on RPGSolo during a family vacation.

Adventuresmith App: I use this as my “on-the-go” gaming kit. I use its custom dice rollers and a few tables for random word generation and whatnot.

Ruins of the Undercity: A dungeon generator. I’m currently playing through this using S&W/LL and it’s awesome. A bit of Mythic to add flavor to turn it into more of a “real” RPG than an RPG-themed boardgame has added a ton of fun with virtually no overhead. I recommend you buy it.

Games Systems

Pits and Perils: A new favorite. I just bought this and it’s already one of my most-played solo systems. I think it would work well with 2-3 players, too.

Swords and Wizardry: I tend to find myself bouncing back and forth between this and Labyrinth Lord, but I tend to roll up PCs for S&W more than LL. EDIT June 2019 — I’ve been using heavily house-ruled Labyrinth Lord more than S&W lately.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess: I don’t use this as written, but I’ve recently adopted some of its tenets (specialist skills, more unique monsters, etc.) and I think they’ve greatly improved my enjoyment of the game.

Blogs and Inspiration

Alea Iactanda Est: one of the best solo role-playing blogs out there. Read it if you haven’t had the chance. There are a ton of great logs and completed campaigns (I’m jealous of the dedication)!

Damn Elf Press: reading this solo Pits and Perils playthrough of the Keep on the Borderlands showed me what a solo RPG blog can really do. I recommend reading the whole series.

Dan’s Gaming Blog: I have bought at least three games solely by being inspired by Dan’s play reports.

WelshPiper: his hex-campaign random generator was one of the first things that really inspired me to want to create a world and find the story from there.