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This page hosts the most up-to-date character sheets, map, and key of the dungeon beneath my fictional City of Spires, generated by a variety of systems (but primarily by the Ruins of the Undercity dungeon generator). I am using this in my Ruins of the Undercity campaign. Links to the products used in this campaign can be found at the bottom of the page.

Active PCs

Thudok, Fighter 1 (773 exp). HP 6/9; AC 17 (plate + shield); Atk +2 (long sword, d8+2); Purse: 162 gp 5 sp 5 cp, 275 alloy coins (137.5 gp); Inventory (8/12): long sword, short spear, bedroll, waterskin, ration, hammer, spikes (4), 20′ rope

Horatio, Cleric 1 (810 exp). HP 5/8; AC 16 (band + shield); Atk +0 (mace, d6); Purse: 162 gp 5 sp 5 cp, fire opal (800 gp); Inventory (6/10): mace, bedroll, waterskin, ration, flint, torches (4); Spell: Cure Light Wounds*

Gadroom, Magic-User 1 (773 exp). HP 5/5; AC 10 (robes); Atk -2 (dagger, d4-2); Atk +0 (thrown dagger, d4); Purse: 162 gp 5 sp 5 cp, 275 alloy coins (137.5 gp); Inventory (8/8): daggers (3), bedroll, waterskin, ration, flint, torches (3), spellbook, mapping equipment; Spells: Sleep*, Read Magic, Invisibility

Xevius, Thief 1 (773 exp). HP 6/7; AC 12 (leather + dex); Atk +1 (daggers, d4); Atk +2 (thrown dagger, d4); Purse: 162 gp 5 sp 5 cp, cut jasper (50 gp); Inventory (7/10): daggers (4), thieves’ tools, bedroll, waterskin, ration, 10′ pole, 20′ rope

Defeated PCs

None yet!

Mythic Info

Chaos: level 4

NPCs: Valencia (agent of the City), Lothar (thief), Qadira (prophetess), Fairuza, Circle of the Star

Threads: bounty on death cultists, escort the Circle of the Star

Overworld Map

Undercity - World Map - Current

21-34 The Enchanted Dome. An ancient temple almost completely covered by the rolling sands. A tragedy occurred there in long ages past and it has nearly been forgotten.

21-30. Ocean Fortress. A fortified castle protecting the City of Spires’s ocean access.

22-38. Midway Fortress. A fortified castle protecting the City of Spires’s ocean access via the great river.

24-37 The City of Spires. Metropolis rules by the worship of the Red Goddess. An ancient, endless Undercity lies beneath.

28-30 Nameless Thorp. This small village of 14 souls loves travelers. They live within a sturdy wall, for the undead prowl the plains at night.

Undercity Map

Undercity - Session 7 - Map 3
  1. Empty Chamber. A 10′ spiked pit guards the northern entrance.
  2. Torchlit Chamber. 13 giant rats are eating a recently-killed adventurer.
  3. Frescoed Hall. The statue of an ancient king stands here, surrounded by frescoes recounting his deeds. 1-2 giant fire beetles are here.
  4. Foul Sump. Stinking sewer runoff fills this room and the surrounding corridors, draining from small pipes near the ceiling. A tripwire triggers a falling spear from the ceiling.
  5. Torture Chamber. 3 zombies are in this small chamber, lit by lamps burning in clay aloves.
  6. Refuse Chamber. Heaped garbage fills this room.
  7. Flooded Chamber. Lukewarm water fills this chamber to a height of about 3′. Clay pots stand on a shelf near the back wall. The pots are trapped with poison gas and contain 105 ancient coins worth 1pp each.
  8. Hanging Lantern Room. A dozen+ lanterns of different sizes and shapes hang from the ceiling here. They contain small men and women that are being burned on the wicks. If anyone tampers with the lanterns, they will retract into the ceiling.
  9. Octagonal Chamber. A worked silver nose ring and chain (worth 300 gp) lies in a niche in the west wall. A heavy tapestry (worth 200 gp, requires two people to carry) hangs from the wall.
  10. Octagonal Chamber. Slime lines the walls and paintings of ghouls scrambling down from a gilding ceiling line the walls. “BLOODBATH LIES BEHIND” is scrawled on the southern wall.
  11. Slime-Filled Room. Empty except for the slime seeping through the walls.
  12. Small Closet. The skin of a dead man is pinned to the wall. A torch hides a secret passage to the south.
  13. Flooded Chamber. Empty.
  14. Flooded Chamber. Empty.
  15. Incense Room. Contains a stone bowl filled with burning/burned incense. A pressure plate triggers a fusillade of darts that attack anyone entering.
  16. Shrine Chamber. Chamber with a horrific shrine to a death god. Surrounded by offal and refuse. A fireball trap will hit anyone who tampers with it.
  17. Ill-lit Room. A table in the middle holds half-burnt candle stubs.
  18. Triangular Hall. Heavy, valuable (200 gp) tapestries line the walls here. A javelin trap triggered by a pressure plate guards the door.
  19. Barred Cave. This cave is low and unevenly floored, making movement and visibility difficult. A securely-barred gate blocks access to stairs that go back to the surface.

Tools and Affiliate Links

This is a solo game using Kabuki Kaiser’s Ruins of the Undercity dungeon generator. RotU is not used every session, as the party is sometimes adventuring above ground (although the dungeon will still be there when they get back, low on coin and desperate). I have been using the d30 Sandbox Companion to produce overland adventures.

I am using Labyrinth Lord and pieces of its Advanced Edition Companion as the rule system for this game (free, no-art versions are available on DTRPG, too). I am using Mythic Game Master Emulator and its Variations I and–most importantly–Variations II for my solo GM oracle.