DSA 1 – Gideon’s Game – Session 2

This is part two of my short The Dark Eye (1e) adventure started in my last post. The thief Gideon and his companion, an ex-soldier named Eli Barnard, have been hired by the steward of Lord Fathan to seek out the magical amulet of a dead druid in the hope of alleviating a curse. In the last scene, Eli stumbled across the dark druid’s tomb while hunting.



Chaos Level: 4

NPCs: Lord Fathan, Fathan’s steward, thieves’ guild, city watch, Vandercal (dark druid), Silence Murray, fisherman in woods

Threads: Recover Vandercal’s amulet

Delayed Events: Remote Event (Abuse/Masses)


Gideon: Adventurer 1 (0/100 xp); CO 10 – IN 11 – CH 9 – AG 13 – ST 10; LP 30/30; AT 10; PA 9; PRO 2 (padded armor); Purse: 18 sp 19 cp; Inventory (8/10): short sword (d6+2/2/0/0), 3 daggers (d6+1/3/0/-4/r-30′), lantern and 1 pint of oil, flint, 30′ rope, blanket, 2 rations, waterskin

Eli Barnard: Warrior 2 (100/300 xp); CO 12 – IN 11 – CH 8 – AG 13 – ST 13; LP 41/41; AT 11+1; PA 9; PRO 4 (leather and shield); Purse: 23 sp 20 cp; Inventory (6/13): saber (d6+4/2/0/0), shield, crowbar, ration, blanket, spear (d6+2/5/0/0/r-60′)

The Game

Scene 6.

Setup: Examine Vandercal’s tomb
Chaos: 5 vs 4, no chaos

Eli comes jogging back into camp just as Gideon has got a large campfire roaring. “You caught something already?” Gideon asks, impressed.

“Even better,” the soldier says. “I found the tomb. [Does he want to explore it now? +1: yes] Get your things.”

Is it dark yet? +1: yes, but… not pitch black

“You found it?” Gideon asks, rising. “Show me.” Grabbing his sword, he follows Eli into the woods.

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DSA 1 – Gideon’s Game – Session 1

This game is designed to be a quick adventure using the first edition rules of Das Schwarze Auge, at least so far as I could find an unofficial retroclone/translation of them online. Any differences from the official rules are either because they were missing/wrong in my source or I didn’t like them and changed it ;-).

Character Creation

Gideon: Adventurer 1 (0/100 xp); CO 10 – IN 11 – CH 9 – AG 13 – ST 10; LP 30/30; AT 10; PA 9; PRO 2; Purse: 20 sp; Inventory: short sword (d6+2/2/0/0), dagger (d6+1/3/0/-4), padded armor (2)

Quick note: weapon stats are (damage/breakage roll/accuracy penalty/defense penalty). The main game mechanic involves rolling under your scores for Courage, Intelligence, Charisma, Agility, Strength, or Attack/Parry on a d20 when relevant situations occur. Gideon’s high AG means that his Attack OR Parry start with a +1 bonus; I’ve chosen to boost his Parry to increase survivability.

Gideon is a thief, raised rough by thieves and cutpurses in the back alleys of a great city. He is nothing special–passably strong and reasonably sharp, though his tongue gets him into trouble more than it gets him out of it–but his reflexes and agility are exceptional, and he quickly built a reputation for himself on his knifework and second-story skills.

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