P&P Goblin Slayer — 2

In my first Goblin Slayer session, my four-member party was stymied from finding work by a mysterious closure at the Guild Hall. Refusing to be deterred, the adventurers spent the day in town, preparing for the first official Quest.

Reminder: You can find links to every one of my solo session game reports on my Campaign Logs page.

Scene 3. Finding Work.

Another night passes quietly in the town as the four untested warriors rest themselves in preparation of the coming dawn. 

  • Is the Guild open for business? +2: yes

The party rises early and heads to the towering hall. A few other parties have beaten them there–mostly other low-ranked adventurers looking for work–but the doors are open already and guild reps are milling about the floor.

Cleric and Fighter move to the front counter while Thief and Magic-User linger on the floor, listening for rumors.

  • Do they hear any rumors? +1 (Charisma): no, but… Praise/Suffering

None of the adventurers currently in the hall are experienced enough to know much more of the world at large than the party itself, but they notice a group of three standing in somber reflection–each is wearing a black armband in a sign of mourning. A few adventurers take turns approaching the group and paying condolences for the loss of their companion.

Meanwhile, the Cleric and Fighter reach the quest board and review the work that’s available to Porcelain-ranked adventurers.

  • How many quests are available? d3: 3
  • What are the quests? d30 Sandbox:
    • Defend Location – Dungeon (Gate) – At the request of a Hermit
    • Root out evil – City (Altar) – At the request of a Soldier
    • Capture fugitive – Tower (Bridge) – At the request of an Illusionist

The Cleric pulls down the soldier’s quest form and takes it to the front counter. “Do you know any more about this?” she asks.

The guild rep reviews her notes and nods. “It was issued on the order of the Captain of the Watch. They suspect that a cult to an evil god has begun activity somewhere inside the city–they want it stopped. Apparently, they suspect that the cult is new enough that Porcelain-ranked adventurers should be able to destroy it. The pay is the standard 100 gold pieces, plus whatever you find as a result of lawful adventuring.”

The Cleric’s faith is roused at the thought of the cultists’ dark practices. “We’ll take this one,” she says. “Any idea where to start looking?”

The guild rep shakes her head. “We always recommend you approach the quest sponsor for more information.”

She holds out a quill and gets the Cleric to sign for the quest. “Congratulations,” she says when the Cleric’s name is down, “you’re now working adventurers.”

  • +Thread: Root out evil cult
  • +NPC: Captain of the Watch
  • Chaos: unchanged

Scene 4. Gathering Information.

  • Setup: Approach captain of the watch for more info
  • Chaos Roll: 14 v 4, no chaos

The party travels to city’s keep to meet with the captain of the watch. A pair of soldiers meet them outside and demand to know their business. The Cleric holds up the quest paperwork. “We’re the party hired to complete the captain’s quest,” she explains.

  • Do they let her in? +2: yes

The captain’s quarters are [calmly/masculine] spartan. The thick stone walls block out the bustle of the keep’s yard, and the room is cool and still. The captain sits behind a desk of stout, plain wood. He rises to shake the Cleric’s hand when the party enters.

(cautious) knowing – account
“So you’re the ones who took my request,” he states, clearly assessing them as they enter his office. “The guild runner said you’d be coming. You’re young.”

The Cleric shows her Porcelain tag. “We are new, but we’ve been fully vetted by the guild–we’ll find these cultists.”

(cautious) inquisitive – investigation
“What do you need to hear from me to get started?”

“Anything that can help us,” the Cleric says. “Do you have any idea where we should start looking?”

  • Does he have a location? +0: no, but… a person (kind/shopkeeper)

“Nothing, unfortunately,” the captain says. “We’ve had more reports of missing people than usual, but they’ve been spread all over town. Here, let me give you the name of a shop in the trade quarter–the shopkeeper there is known for feeding orphans, and [m/f] she’s come to me more than once with reports of missing kids.”

“Have you found any of them?” the Cleric asks.

The captain grimaces. “We don’t have the resources to go looking for street kids,” he says. “Most of the time, they’ve just… moved on… and folks are glad to see them gone. But this time… too many have gone, too quickly. Officially, the city can’t afford to look for them, but… I have children, too. And low-ranked adventurers are more affordable than setting the entire Watch on new shifts.”

  • +Thread: Missing orphans
  • +NPC: kindly shopkeep
  • Chaos: +1 because of lack of strong leads (5)

Scene 5. Missing Kids. (Interrupted)

  • Setup: Seek out the shopkeeper to learn about missing orphans
  • Chaos: 4 v 5, interrupt!
  • Interrupt: PC Positive – Abandon/Illness

The party thanks the captain and heads out into the town, seeking the trade quarter. They haven’t gotten far, however, when a shout from behind calls their attention. A soldier is jogging up after them.

“You’re the adventurers who just met with the captain, yes?”

The Fighter steps forward. “We are. Who are you?”

The soldier introduces himself as a watchman. “I’m here on the captain’s orders,” he says. “He meant to give you this before you left.” He holds out a satchel.

The Fighter takes it an unwraps a small glass vial. “What is it?”

“A CURE potion,” the soldier says. “It’ll treat any poison or venom you’re likely to find in town. The captain said he fears you may need it, and he’d rather lose a potion than risk your quest failing.”

The Fighter pockets the vial. “Tell him thanks,” he says, and the party continues on its way.

  • +Inventory: potion (CURE)

Scene 5. Missing Kids.

  • Setup: Seek out the shopkeeper to learn about missing orphans
  • Chaos: 12 v 5, no chaos

The party reaches the trade quarter shortly after leaving the keep.

  • Do they find the shop without difficulty? +0: yes, and…

They don’t have to wander long within the trade quarter before finding the shop in question. An older woman is standing out front, handing out scraps of bread to a half-dozen young children. When the last of them has taken a piece, the party approaches.

“We were sent to find you,” the Cleric says. “The captain of the watch thinks you may know something about missing children.” She shows the woman her guild ID.

(neutral) mysterious – whispers
The shopkeeper sees the quest bill and allows herself a smile. “So, these quiet cries have roused his sympathy after all. Perhaps the captain is a better man than I had hoped.”

The Cleric nods. “He seems truly concerned. Is there anything you know that can help us?”

  • What does she know? increase/illness

“These children,” the shopkeeper says, glancing at the boys and girls eating on the ground around them, “have no one to watch them, to keep track of them. There are too many for even those of us who care to even learn their names, and few of them stay long in town anyway. But of late… too many have been moving on. And so many of those who do have been sickly.”

“Are any ill now?” the Cleric asks.

  • Are there any sick children present? +0: yes

The woman nods. “Look at them and you’ll see.”

Indeed, a few of the children are pallid and listless. The Cleric calls a few of them to her and hands them a ration from her pack. The devour it eagerly.

  • -Inventory: ration

She asks them about their illness, about strangers in town, about odd places or rituals.

  • Do any of them know anything? +1: yes, but… they’re scared to say

(guarded) hostile – judgment – history
“Punished for our sins,” one girl says, and the other sick children repeat the saying like a mantra. “For the sins of the father and mother, death comes down the line of blood.”

The Cleric looks up, horrified. “A heresy against the Light God! Is there a Cleric preaching this in town?” she asks the shopkeeper.

  • Is there? -1: no

The shopkeeper shakes her head, her hand over her mouth. “I haven’t heard this before.”

  • Have the children who aren’t sick heard this? +0: no

When it becomes clear that the healthy children have never heard the cruel heresy preached, the adventurers realize that they have found their lead at last.

  • Chaos: +1 for drawing closer to evil (now 6)

Wrapping Up

Mythic Stuff

Chaos Level: 6

NPCs: Captain of the Watch (Quest sponsor), kindly shopkeep

Threads: root out evil cult, mysterious guild closure, missing orphans

Character Sheets

Fighter: 13/10+3 hp. 0/200 xp (Lvl 1). Wisdom. Armor: chain+shield. Inventory (4/10): Sword, bedroll, rations (7), potion (CURE). 20 gp. 

Cleric: 9/8+1 hp. 1/1 fp. 0/150 xp (Lvl 1). Charisma. Armor: leather. Inventory (3/10): Mace, bedroll, rations (6). 0 gp.

Thief: 8/7+1 hp. 0/120 xp (Lvl 1). Wisdom/Dexterity. Armor: leather. Inventory (4/10): Dagger (4), bedroll, rations (7), rope 50′. 38 gp.

Magic-User: 5/5 hp. 2/2 sp. 0/250 xp (Lvl 1). Dexterity. Armor: none. Spells: BOLT, FEAR, HEAL. Inventory (5/10): Dagger, bedroll, rations (7), lantern, tinder box. 40 gp

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