P&P Solo Campaign: Garret (Session 1)

All right! My first posted solo session. I’m playing a little catch-up here, filling you all in on a recently played character creation and the first few bits of play in a Pits & Perils game.

The game style I’m going for is a combination of Traveller’s open-world, job-seeking freedom with Raymond E. Feist’s SerpentWar saga from Riftwars.

Hit the jump to go into character creation and the first session!

Character Creation

Garret, Neutral Level 1 Fighter (Squire)
0/200 xp
13/10[+3] hp
Ability: Intelligence | Profession: Hunter/Woodsman
Class Power: +1 to-hit
Weapon(s): Long sword, Long bow*
Armor: Chainmail and shield | MV: 30′

  • Rations (7)
  • Long sword
  • Long bow
  • Arrows (20)
  • Waterskin
  • Tinderbox
  • Bedroll
  • 47 sp

Background event: Carry/good

A woodsman and hunter from a small town, Garret thought life would never carry him beyond the borders of his small wood. That all changed in his 23rd year, when the King’s Man rode through, and all able-bodied men were swept up in his wake.

Garret served his year, learning the sword and earning a few silver as he fought back the orc-men of the Wild Tangle, and then, all of a sudden, he found himself out of the service and further from home than he’d ever known existed.

+NPC: Army contacts

Roll for starting SP = 100. Garret starts with his longbow and I buy him 20 arrows, a sword, shield, and chainmail. This is his mustering out gear after his time in the army.


With 47 silver crowns and his army kit to his name, Garret the once-woodsman finds himself a stranger in a strange land.

Chaos level: 4. Is he in town? +0: yes

He finds himself at a small village; larger than a wide spot in the road, but nowhere that would appear on any map.

Is he alone? -2: X-no and event
NPC Positive: travel/parent

The village looks like a haven, though, especially considering the band of wounded men following him. Many are close to death; broken in the fight for the Tangle, and he’d nearly given up hope of shepherding them to safety. [2d6 = 4] The four men following him breath a sigh of relief as they limp after Garret toward the town.

Reach town without incident? +2: yes
Noticed on approach?: +0: yes and event
NPC Positive: carelessness/emotions

There is movement in the village as the party approaches, and before long a band of men come forward from the houses, armed with farmer’s tools. When they recognize the wounded King’s Men, their wary attitudes melt away and they lend the hurt soldiers a shoulder back to town.

The villagers care well for the wounded men. [Did they see fighting during the orc war? +0: yes] The scars of the orc forward skirmishing bands still mar the earth here. It’s clear the townsfolk understand that they owe these men a great debt, [Is this a wealthy village? -4: no and event. Antagonize/trial] but even what they offer appears to be beyond what they can bear. It would be an unkindness for Garret to stay long.

He stays the night, at least, intending to move on in the morning, but he is awakened by a clamor from the village square. Grabbing his blade and shield, Garret steps out into the night to see a man, kneeling, held at spearpoint by the villagers.


This was actually a wonderful session, and I felt like Mythic’s random events really helped the story shape itself. I had intended to start this as a kind of roaming mercenary campaign, but already Garret is putting down roots and creating connections. I fully intend for him to have to simulate making a living, though, so in the next session I hope that he is able to take this criminal (if that’s who it is) into a nearby city for justice, and maybe he can find a way to earn some silver while he’s there!

View the next session.

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