Mocker – Starforged – Session 2

This is part 2 of my Ironsworn: Starforged game featuring Alex ‘Mocker’ Kade, a far trader working in the outlands of the Forge. In the last session, he was asked by a connection to find a way to an insular planet to recover a rare material used to craft advanced medicines.

Click here for the first part of this Starforged game.

Character Sheet

Alex ‘Mocker’ Kade
E1 H3 I1 S2 W2
M5 HL5 SP5 SU5
Navigator 1, Trader 1, Scoundrel 1, Starship ‘Antigone’ 1
Inventory: brace of pistols, black iron key, one-credit chip, letter of credit, spacer kit
Vows: Fetch medicine for Farpoint [2.0]. Pay off the Antigone [0.0].

Session Begin

Alex ‘Mocker’ Kade has just received directions to the insular community of Farpoint, where rural miners gather Dust for eventual use in medical manufacturing. 

Does anything happen on the way to the ship (unlikely): 63, no.

He passes few civilians as he heads for the elevator and rides back up to the docks. The few he sees are wearing masks or rebreathers.

He gets back to the Antigone and starts up the drives. “Antigone, requesting departure pattern.”

A moment later, a voice comes back over the radio. “That you, *cough*, Mocker? Think you’re the only one flying out today.”

Reminder: You can find links to every one of my solo session game reports on my Campaign Logs page.

“I believe it,” Kade says.

“Well, the pattern’s on its way. Safe flying.”

The Antigone‘s computers sync to the AI flight controller and guide him out of the station. A moment later, Alex is floating in free space, under his own power. He punches the engines and lets the ship fly for a few minutes.

After a quarter of an hour, he’s far enough out to engage the eidolon drives. He plugs in the calculations that Rover gave him [+1 Add for Secure an Advantage] and slots his black iron key into the drive circuits.

Space warps around him as Apogee station falls far away.

New Progress Tracker: Find a driftway to Farpoint (troublesome)

Undertake an Expedition (Farpoint): 1+2w+1add vs 4|9. Miss. Burn momentum to become a weak hit (now 2). Suffer two -1 moves.

[Mark Progress: Find a driftway to Farpoint. :3 boxes]

Once he’s in the drift, Alex unbelts himself from the pilot’s chair and floats back toward his cabin. Just as he’s falling asleep, a loud crack shatters the monotonous drone of the drift.

He’s up in a second.

Withstand Damage (-1): 3+4i vs 3|2. Strong hit. +1 Integrity (now 5).

Smoke is pouring out of the life support closet. Alex grabs his rebreather and tool kit and pulls open the door. Flames burst out, singeing the hair from his arms and threatening to drive him back. He grabs an extinguisher and blasts the flames down.

When the smoke has died back, he’s able to get everything connected again. Just an electrical short, and he was lucky to get to it before it caused any damage to the systems themselves.

Sacrifice Resources -1 (now 4).

Unfortunately, a fair amount of oxygen seems to have been burnt in the initial blast. Plenty left for the trip, but not an auspicious start. He does what he can to ensure that the life support system is back up and running and then tries to get what rest he can before the eidolons drop him back into real space.

What’s at the waypoint? Dense Nebula Clouds

The drives drop the Antigone near a dense nebula. Alex stares up at the brilliant splotches of light as the ship idles through space, recharging its drives.

Undertake an Expedition (Farpoint): 6+2w vs 7|1. Strong hit. Make progress with no cost.

[Mark Progress: Find a driftway to Farpoint. :6 boxes]

When the engines are charged, the Antigone jumps again. 

Space Sighting: Comet with a tail of ionized gas

The Antigone‘s e-drive slows as it runs out of charge. Kade emerges into realspace. A comet streaks through the void nearby.

Is there anything of value in the comet (Gather Info)? 3+2w v 2|6. Weak. +1m (now 3). Is there (unlikely)? No.

The sensors return readouts–only ice and trace minerals. Alex kicks back and lets the ship glide until the e-drives recharge.

Undertake an Expedition: 4+2w v 5|8. Weak. Progress on Trip to Farpoint: 9. Is there a peril (50/50)? Yes.

Alex is in his pilot’s couch as the ship drops into the Desolation anchorage. 

What’s the peril? 59, others obstruct or blockade. Is it the planet that’s besieged (likely)? 76, yes.

Alerts ring through the cabin–ships not running standard ID signals! Pirates? Alex curses and kills the ship’s active sensors. Even with the passives he can see that Desolation space is swarming. Small ships, fighters mostly. No wonder the shipment didn’t arrive.

Is the Antigone far enough out that he has not been detected yet (likely)? 55, yes.

Gather Info: 2+2w v 6|1. Weak. +1m (now 4).

Better to wait and see than charge in half-cocked. Kade watches as the pirates fly coverage patterns over the world. Most are clustered over Farpoint. No ship lifts off from the surface. None go to land.

Secure an Advantage: 2+2s v 3|9. Weak. +2m (now 6).

When there is a break in the pattern, Alex ignites the Antigone‘s engines for just a brief second. He then shuts off the burn and lets the ship slide through space toward the planet, running silently.

Finish Expedition (Trip to Farpoint): 9 v 7|2. Strong. +1 Discovery tick.

What does Desolation look like? Vast plateaus, massive canyons, engulfing sandstorms.

The ships slips through the blockade and sinks into the dry atmosphere. The world is barren. Sandy and rocky, split by great rents that look to sink so deeply that the bottoms are lost in darkness. Eventually the shifting sands give way to a wide expanse of bare, reddish stone. A few dozen buildings are clustered around a landing pad. The startown, as it were. Humble.

Alex sets the ship down in the middle of the plain.

Milestone (Get medicine): 4.0.

Are there any other ships (50)? Yes.

A single other ship rests near the pad. It is a freighter, well-maintained save for great scorch marks that mar its sides.

Is there anyone else (50)? 68, yes. Who? Safe/Energy.

A moment after the ship touches down, the doors on a nearby hanger raise up. A fuel truck rumbles out into the sunlight and drives toward the Antigone. The driver honks twice and then Alex’s radio crackles to life.

What does he say? Move/Culture. Resist/Enemy (!). Charge/Creation.

“Thanks be to God, stranger! Good to see a face that doesn’t want to shoot us down. Who are you?”

“Mocker, and this is the Antigone. Got to say, I wasn’t expecting a warm welcome. Who is this?”

“My name’s [oracle=] Althea. Sorry we can’t give you a better welcome party. Most of the miners are gone–mountain redoubts or family compounds. Times are bad right about now. I’m sure you noticed. But a few of us stuck around in case we had a chance to get a shipment lifted.”

Alex stands up and opens the ship’s rear hatch. Althea drives the truck around and steps out to shake his hand.

“Why didn’t you run, too?” he asks.

Althea pulls a medallion from her neck and kisses it. “It’s our duty to mine the Dust and spread it throughout the galaxy. God’s mercy on the ill.”

Make a connection with a miner: 2+3h vs 1|2. Strong. Landry Wade, Dust Miner (troublesome) is well-equipped/energetic.

“Funny you should mention that. It’s just what I’m here for. Any miners around I can talk to?”

Althea starts pumping fuel into the Antigone and then takes him across the landing platform and into a sand-battered old warehouse. She shifts a pile of cleverly-piled junk and reveals a heavy metal door. She knocks twice and the door swings open.

A man in thick glasses and denim overalls stands before them. He’s got a rifle in his hands, but when he sees Althea he just smiles. He reaches out and shakes Kade’s hand. “Name’s Landry. You must be our new arrival.” He steps aside and waves Kade into the room. “Come in, come in.”

“Mocker.” Kade pauses. “It’s nice to meet you.” He looks around. The room is filled with radio and scanner equipment, sensors, and humming electronics. A fully-stocked weapons cabinet stands against the far wall.

“You sound surprised.”

“Not quite the welcome I was expecting,” Kade admits. “Above or below.”

Landry clucks. “Ah. Our reputation.”

“Thought I’d have an easier time flying in and a harder time landing.”

Althea shuts the door as Landry waves Kade over to a bank of computers. “I suppose folks have to think something. We’ve heard the talk when we fly out to Apogee ourselves. But we aren’t out here because we hate people, or because we want to monopolize the Dust. In fact, far from it.”

Althea nods. “A gift from God,” she interjects.

“Indeed. The first of our order discovered the Dust, found what it could do for people. How it could help. He knew that it was from God, for the succor of his people. We couldn’t let it fall into the wrong hands, so our fathers closed off the planet, bought a ship, and vowed to sell it to as many people as we could, as cheaply as we could. And we couldn’t let anyone else get in the way of that.”

Kade shakes his head. “I… had no idea. And these pirates are here for it?”

Have they met with the pirates already (50)? 90, yes. Because they’re sick (50)? 64, yes.

“They came a few weeks ago, demanding the Dust. We told them it had to be distributed, but they didn’t listen. Told them it does no good unrefined, but they didn’t listen. We tried to fly out our shipment, but they fired on our pilot.”

He gestures toward the screens and pulls up a map of the planet surface. “Most of us are small holders, mining plots of Dust and then coming together here to pool it for shipment. When the pirates came, most of the locals scattered to their freeholds or compounds.”

Compel him to sell to Kade: 4+3h v 3|4. Strong. +1m (7).

“But you know why I’m here?” Kade asks.

Landry nods. “And we’re grateful. We just want it out there, helping people. We watched you on our scopes coming in. We know you aren’t with them.” He sees the look on Kade’s face. “Don’t worry. I don’t think they know you’re here. We’ve got much better sensors down here than they are likely to have above those interceptors.”

“Things have gotten bad on Apogee. Everyone’s sick. Something in the air. The stocks they’ve got are running out already.” Kade pulls Zephyr’s letter of credit and offers it over. “Will that be enough?”

The man barely looks at it, just slips the letter into his pocket. “You’re welcome to it. Especially if things are as bad as you say.”

Milestone (Get medicine): 6.0

Kade sighs. “Thank you both. Do you have the Dust here? Can we load it tonight?”

Secure Advantage: 2+2s+2 (scoundrel asset for sneaking) v 6|9. Miss! The pirates will find them anyway. Are the pirates already on the ground (50)? 4, no.

Landry grins. “We’ve got a hold full of it aboard the Devotion. I’ll get a lift out here and we’ll get it shifted as soon as night falls.”

Kade spends an easy day with the miners. Landry puts out a call and a few other men sneak into the bunker. Landry introduces them–other faithful, willing to risk what they have to to stand against the pirates and get the Dust off world. Eventually, Althea leaves to finish fueling the Antigone.

Not fifteen minutes later, she runs back inside, shouting. They follow her out.

A trail of nuclear fire burns through the atmosphere. A ship is landing.

Character Sheet

Alex ‘Mocker’ Kade
E1 H3 I1 S2 W2
M7 HL5 SP5 SU5
Navigator 1, Trader 1, Scoundrel 1, Starship ‘Antigone’ 1
Inventory: brace of pistols, black iron key, one-credit chip, letter of credit, spacer kit
Vows: Fetch medicine for Farpoint [6.0]. Pay off the Antigone [0.0].

Mocker – Starforged – Session 1

I’m starting a new game today, playing Ironsworn: Starforged. This is, like Ironsworn, a solo- and coop-focused roleplaying game with a simple rolling mechanic, extensive built-in oracles, and an evocative book and setting. My goal for this game is to get a handle on the world I’m creating, get to know my character, earn a few XP to improve his current skills/equipment, and potentially have a start for a future game (including possible co-op play).

Reminder: You can find links to every one of my solo session game reports on my Campaign Logs page.

Character Creation

Alex Kade, better known as Mocker, is a Far Trader, riding the drifts to transport goods to where they are valued most.

Edge 1, Heart 3, Iron 1, Shadow 2, Wits 2
+Assets: Navigator, Trader

Although he’s a competent pilot and a pretty decent shot with a pistol, Mocker has long relied on his friends and reputation as a fair dealer to avoid trouble before it starts. When that fails, lying or sneaking usually work.

Backstory: 63. Cast out of former home.

Alex grew up on a world of unyielding laws and governance. Long chafing under the strict control of the commissars, Alex signed on as a spacer with a passing crew the first chance he got.

Character Goal: Escape a Captor.Alex is not a slave or prisoner, so this is going to be interpreted.

It did not take long for Alex to gain his new captain’s favor. He quickly rose in the ranks until he became the captain’s second-in-command. When the old man died, Alex inherited the ship–and the massive debt that came with it. Now Alex flies to service debt, and he longs for the day when the Antigone will be his, free and clear.

Epic Vow: Pay off the Antigone.
+Asset: Starship Antigone

The Antigone is a [oracle=51] once-beautiful ship, now scarred and battered by long decades of service on the drifts and years of deferred maintenance.

+Asset: Scoundrel

The last good thing Alex’s old master did for him, though, was fill the hold with goods worth selling. They might have been a bunch of less-than-legal guns from a warworld, and Alex might have had to use every trick he had to unload them–and that at a steal that barely turned a profit–but at least he left him with enough credit to get the Antigone fueled and spaceborne again.

+Inventory: brace of pistols, black iron key, one-credit chip, spacer kit

Growing up where he did, Alex brought little to the Antigone when he signed on–just the suit of clothes on his back. He quickly acquired a brace of pistols for when the ship docked in more dangerous ports, and he wears the first credit-chip he ever earned on a chain around his neck. He rubs it for good luck when times are hard. It serves as a reminder that with luck and effort he can actually own something, do something, be something, without requiring the commissariat’s permission.

Finally, he carries the black iron key that starts the Antigone. Three inches long, the metal seems dark and flat even under the most brilliant light. The delicate teeth fit into the ship to complete the eidolon drive’s circuit. Without it, the ship is dead in the void.

Sector Creation

Mocker and the Antigone are in the Outlands–close enough to the Terminus that they can return if they need access to bigger markets, but far enough away that a man can lose his bad choices if he runs fast enough.

Sector: Blighted Crossing

Apogee Station (Orbital)
Pop: Thousands
Projects: Engineering, Trade
Authority: Fair
Planet: Orbits the ice-world of Caradhras.
Notes: Trading and manufacturing center situated on the major drift lanes. Commerce hub for the sector.

Redemption (Planetside)
Pop: Hundreds
Projects: Shipbuilding, Defense
Authority: Oppressive
Planet: Situated on the furnace-world of Themis.
Notes: A military slave-factory town. Builds weapons/ships for sale on Apogee Station.

Farpoint (Planetside)
Pop: Hundreds
Projects: Mining, Medica
lAuthority: Ineffectual
Planet: Situated on the desert-world of Desolation.
Notes: A group of independent miners digging for rare minerals used in medical device manufacturing.

Sector Trouble (50): Parasitic Lifeforms Spread Like Plague


Drift passages have been mapped from Apogee Station to Redemption town on Themis. Likewise, Apogee Station is a known stop-over for travelers leaving the sector for other parts of the Forge.

Farpoint, the trade hub of Desolation, is unmapped. The handful of miners who live there are secretive and protective of their monopoly on the planet’s mineral wealth. A select few traders know the routes between Apogee and Farpoint and make the runs a handful of times a year.

Starting Station

Alex Kade begins the game on Apogee Station, so let’s zoom in to see what we know. 

First Look: Defensible Location, Industrial Architecture

Bristling with guns to defend itself against pirates and petty warlords, Apogee Station is an engineering and technology center of some renown in the Outlands. Nothing to rival its Terminus cousins, of course, but there is a significant amount of research and manufacturing occurring here.

Trouble: Hazardous Environment. What does that mean? Finish Power.

Unfortunately, a significant amount of spent drive and manufacturing waste has built up in the station and the people who live aboard are frequently sick with low-level lung and skin maladies.

Starting Connection

Alex doesn’t know many people on Apogee. The Antigone is new to the sector and he’s been trying to keep a low profile–earn a rep as a spacer who can get things done reliably and leave it at that.

But no one can go it alone. Lucas Booker–callsign ZEPHYR–is a materials broker operating out of the warehouse district on Apogee. He and Alex have done a few deals together, and both understand the other, give or take. Zephyr is sharp, suspicious, a little bit mean, and more heavily armed than most of the more upstanding merchants on Apogee Station. That said, he also pays on time and frequently has work, so Alex is pleased to work with him when he can.

+Troublesome Connection: Lucas ‘Zephyr’ Booker, Materials Broker

Session Begin

Apogee Station. Not great at the best of times. Terrible now. The short walk from the Antigone‘s dock to Zephy’s offices are enough to make him wish he’d brought his rebreather. The city smells like death and the other stationers don’t look much better.

Is Zephyr sick (likely): 64, yes.

Kade knocks on the door. After a moment, there’s a soft buzzing from inside and a chunk as the bolt retracts. Kade pushes the door open and enters into a cramped office.

“Mocker,” Zephyr offers.

“No, don’t get up,” Kade responds. He pushes the door closed and takes a seat. “You look like the dead.”

“Yeah, well, at least I’m vertical.”

“What happened?”

Zephyr shrugs and waves a hand up in the air. “Who knows. Something coming out of the vents. Air got weird, folks started getting sick. No one in station admin is admitting to anything.”

Kade glances warily up at the vents. He thinks again about that rebreather.

“You working?” Zephyr asks.

“Why I’m here,” Kade says.

The man coughs into his hand, glares down at some mucus or something in his palms, and wipes his hand on his pant leg. “Good. Farpoint. You know it?”

“I know of it,” Kade answers. “Out there on Desolation, right? Bunch of sand-billy Dust miners.”

“Yeah, exactly. You ever been there?”


“Exactly again. Nobody’s been there. Just one ship, owned in co-op by the folks of Farpoint.”

“What’s this got to do with me?” Kade asks.

Zephyr isn’t aware that the cough might be caused by the system trouble parasitic infection. He thinks the issue is related to the hazardous waste problem on Apogee. We’ll let it be vague until Kade gets closer to actually solving the issue (if that ever happens).

“Dust. We need it. Medbay’s overwhelmed here with this damn cough. The Farpoint shuttle’s late, due a month ago, but never came. Need you to get out there and buy up a hold full of the stuff.”

Will the Farpoint miners trade with outsiders (unlikely): 20, no.

Kade arched an eyebrow. “What makes you think they’d sell to me?”

Does Zephyr give him a letter of credit (certain): 36, yes. +Inventory: Letter of credit.

Zephyr shrugs. “I gotta do everything for you? I’m not the trader. Convince them.” He drags a piece of paper from the desk and scribbles something on it before sliding it over to Kade. “Take this. With the way things are going, this Dust could make us both a fair bit of money.”

Kade looks at it. A letter of credit from Zephyr’s firm. Maybe not as good as raw cash, but it might work. 

“You aren’t going to fuck me on this, are you boy?”

“I’ll bring it back,” Kade says. He means it, too. He thinks. A good broker’s worth more than a hold of Dust. Probably.

Swear an Iron Vow (Dangerous) to fetch medicine from Farpoint for Apogee Station: 5+3h+1(connection) vs 7|2. Strong hit. +2m (now 4) and it’s clear what I have to do.

Zephyr points at the door. “Get going. You think I’m the only guy with the idea to run down the Dust myself? We’ve gotta get out there before some other outfit buys up everything those knuckleheads have dug up.”

Kade offers up a sarcastic salute and leaves the office. Time to get to work. But before he can fly he has some digging of his own to do. He heads down to the spacer-side bar to ask about Desolation.

Gather Information: 6+2w vs 5|8. Weak hit. +1m (now 5) but the information complicates things.

“Those Desolation boys?” the bartender asks after Kade finally gets around to asking. “Popular today. You aren’t the first one to come asking. Sorry, I ain’t seen ’em, and I don’t know as there’s anyone else on-station who’s been out there. Except for maybe Rover. She’s old as the void. May’ve been out here when they first shipped out for that rock.”

Can Rover be found easily (50/50): 76, yes.

“You know where she is?” Kade asks.

The bartender shrugs. [Forgotten/Shelter] “I think there’s some little dive those old-timers like down below-decks. Might check there. But don’t get a taste for it. My liquor’s better anyway.”

Kade laughs and tosses the man a credit. He heads out for the elevator.

He finds the bar downstairs on his second circle of the entire floor. The place is little more than a closet crammed between two station auxiliary offices. A woman in flight clothes is drinking alone at the bar. Her skin is tight and youthful, but her eyes are the milky-white of a spacer who’s spent a lifetime–or more–on the drifts.

“You’re Rover?” Kade asks, but there isn’t much doubt. The old woman nods. “May I?” He gestures at the stool beside her.

Secure an Advantage: 4+3h vs 10|1. +1 on my next move.

She kicks it back with the side of her boot to make room for him at the bar. “What do you want, kid?”

“Mocker,” Kade says. He offers a hand. She considers it for a moment before shaking.


“I know. I came looking for you.”

Have the other spacers also coming for Rover yet (50/50)? 34, no.

“Huh. What for?” She flags down the bartender and calls for another bourbon. Kade is quick to pay for it.


The woman glances at him. “Dust, huh?” She coughs. “Not a bad idea. Who you working with?”

Kade pauses. It’s a gamble. Spacers are often loyal to one or a few brokers per settlement. If Rover wasn’t in with Zephyr…

“Does it matter?” he asks. “The station needs it. Even you’re coughing.”

She shrugs. “Fair enough. I can tell you how to get there. Not going to help you get dirtside though. That was one ornery bunch of bastards I took out there, I’ll tell you what. I don’t know what it is about the desert that calls all the weirdos.”

She draws a map on the back of a napkin and writes down some quick calculations. The directions are close enough to get him in the area at least. He thanks her and heads for the docks. It’s time to leave.

Mark Progress: Fetch medicine from Farpoint for Apogee Station :2 boxes

End Session

That was pretty fun! Not much actual gaming this time, but I ended up spending significantly more time than I thought building the sector and my first contact. The game’s oracles are a blast to use. Nearly every roll seemed like it could be spun off into its own story or side quest. I chose the one I did since it fit so nicely with Kade’s build (far trader), but there’s a ton more to explore here as well.

If I get around to it, I’d love to look more into how Apogee’s environmental hazards might be causing the ‘toxic’ status on the planet below. Who are the factions buying ships from Redemption? What lies at the bottom of the abyssal fissures on Caradhras? So much story still to tell.

Character Sheet

Alex ‘Mocker’ Kade
E1 H3 I1 S2 W2
M5 HL5 SP5 SU5
Navigator 1, Trader 1, Scoundrel 1, Starship ‘Antigone’ 1
Inventory: brace of pistols, black iron key, one-credit chip, letter of credit, spacer kit
Vows: Fetch medicine for Farpoint (Dangerous) [2.0]. Pay off the Antigone (Epic) [0.0].
Notes: +1 bonus to my first flight move due to securing an advantage from Rover.