Arthurian Freeform – 1

This is a quick freeform game I started using just an oracle when I was on vacation and had only a handful of dice and my Mythic tables but no game rules or ability to use character sheets. I have been reading Lord Tennyson’s Idylls of the King, so this is heavily influenced by Arthurian legend.

Since I began it in a journal, I attempt to make heavy use of the oracle to drive the action, with relatively little exposition in between (makes it faster and easier to write). As such, I think this “moves” more quickly than my other stories. I actually like it, and hope to do more like this in the future.


Character creation was simple. I created two characters with four stats: body (physical strength), skill (dexterity and general competence), mind (learning and willpower), and charisma. Other than those few stats, I left the pair as a relatively blank slate to be developed as I played.

Sir Ermis, knight: Body+2, Skill+1, Mind-1, Cha+0

Calandra, sage: Body-1, Skill+1, Mind+2, Cha+0

As mentioned earlier, I knew that this would take place in a (loose) Arthurian world, so Sir Ermis is a knight of Arthur’s court and Calandra a sage in the Merlin-y sorcerer’s tradition.

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