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Character Sheets for NPCs and Hirelings

March 25, 2010 Leave a comment

NPC and Hireling Char Sheet

Here is the page I use to print out character sheets for NPCs and hirelings for my Swords and Wizardry game. The little boxes are 3″x2.5″, and a standard index card fits two of them perfectly (make sure you stack them top-to-bottom on the card, not side-to-side), which can then be cut into easily managed half-card character sheets! It’s perfect!

I realize that I don’t have room for their stats, but that’s because I have taken to generating NPCs and hirelings like monsters; it makes it easy to come up with them on the fly. I usually use the first line of the Spells/Special/Inventory part of the card to make a note of approximately how much it costs to hire that particular person.

I also don’t have a space for EXP; this is a house rule of mine–NPCs don’t receive a share of monster experience; they level up when they get an amount of GP equal to the EXP required to level.

I hope you like the sheets. Comments are appreciated! I also have a four-to-a-page character sheet for S&W that I will upload in a couple days, if you’re interested.