Firuvin the Slayer – Ironsworn – Session 3

Character Sheet

Firuvin the Warden, E1 H2 I3 S1 W2. Momentum 3, Health 2, Spirit 5, Supply 1.
Assets: Alchemist 1, Herbalist 1, Slayer 1.
Inventory: Sword, shield, mortar and pestle.
Bonds: Ikram, veteran slayer. Lucia, scout and friend. Stonehall, border village.
Vows: Slay the beast that killed his family (extreme, 0.0). Find Lucia’s caravan (dangerous, 6.0). Rescue Lucia from the Depths (3.0).
Progress: Explore the Caves (Dangerous) 1.0.

Reminder: You can find links to every one of my solo session game reports on my Campaign Logs page.

Begin Session

Firuvin crosses the hall and descends deeper into the earth in search of the missing caravan crew–and particularly his friend, Lucia.

Undertake a Journey (Explore the Caves): 3+2w vs 8|9. Miss. Waylaid by a perilous event.

Event: You are separated from something or someone. -1 progress on Explore the Caves (0.0).

The caves twist and turn around him. It isn’t long before Firuvin is sure that he is treading on ground he has already covered. He curses his foolishness and begins using the charred end of his torch to mark his progress as he continues on.

Undertake a Journey: 6+2w vs 1|10. Weak hit (2.0) pr. -1 Supply. Now Unprepared.

Finally, the way levels out. Firuvin heads along the dim passage when his torch begins to flicker and die. He draws another from his pack, but there is nothing left to burn after that. He has to find Lucia fast.

Gather Information: 4+2w vs 9|4. Weak hit. +1 momentum but discover something dangerous (oracle: Deflect Resource).

Firuvin forces himself to slow down, to look carefully, to not get ahead of himself. He can find no tracks on the hard stone floor, but up ahead he thinks he sees the faint play of light on the walls. A fire is burning!

Are people coming this way? 50/50: 42, no.

He can hear the sounds of course laughter and rough voices. A room up ahead. He decides to sneak past.

Undertake a Journey: 4+2w vs 2|7. Weak hit. Mark progress (4.0), -1 supply (becomes -1 Spirit).

He finds a side passage just outside the occupied room. He snuffs his torch to avoid prying eyes and creeps forward in the darkness, running his hand along the wall to feel his way. He begins to dread what he will find. How long would these people keep a prisoner?

What is the next chamber? Deliver Honor. A treasure room.

Finally, the dark tunnel grows light again as he nears a lit side passage. He creeps toward it until he sees that it opens into a small room packed tightly with stolen goods.

Are there any guards within? 50/50: 81, yes.

A lone guard lurks within, idly polishing a stolen weapon. Firuvin stares at him, trying to decide whether he can take the man before he can cry out.

Gather Information: 4+2w vs 9|7. Miss.

An intersection branches off just ahead, but Firuvin can’t get there in time to check for additional bandits. If he does attack the guards, it’ll have to be now.

Secure an Advantage using Force: 4+3i vs 3|10. Weak hit. +1m (now 5).

He suddenly hears voices from another corridor. No time at all except to act–attack or move on? Out of torches, wounded, and an unknown distance from Lucia, Firuvin decides he has nothing to lose with the gamble.
He brings up his shield and charges forward just as the sentry crosses the door.

Battle: 3+3i vs 4|4. Strong hit with a match!

[Firuvin needed that!]

Firuvin catches the man just behind the head with the edge of his shield. The man collapses without so much as a grunt. Firuvin grabs his heels and drags him away from the door as quickly as he can.

Match bonus: Find a clue about Lucia.

With the man down, Firuvin takes a moment to search the room. It isn’t long before he finds a necklace made of thin iron, shaped like a pair of crossed arrows. Lucia’s necklace. He drops it into his pocket [+Inventory: Lucia’s necklace]. It’s a good sign, he hopes–she can’t be far [Mark Progress: Rescue Lucia from the depths.]

Resupply: 2+2w vs 8|5. Miss. Pay the price: it is stressful (-1 SPI, now 3).

Endure Stress: 5+3SPI vs 2|2. Strong hit with a match. Embrace the Darkness (+1m, now 6).

Because of the match, there is a map hidden in the room. Can Firuvin find it?

Secure an Advantage: 3+2w vs 3|1. Strong hit. +2MOM (now 8).

Firuvin growls as he finishes his search. Treasure aplenty, but nothing he needs…except for a sheet of curling parchment on the wall by the door. He draws close–a map of some portion of these tunnels. He slips it into his pocket for later.

Undertake a Journey: 6+2w vs 10|4. Weak hit. Progress (6) and -1SPI (now 2).

Endure Stress: 3+2H vs 4|3. Strong hit. Embrace the Darkness: +1MOM (now 9).

The tunnels seem to stretch on forever, but Firuvin begins to think that he may be rising once again, drawing closer to the surface.

Undertake a Journey: 1+2w vs 4|9. Waylaid by a perilous event.

As he continues on, there is a sudden shifting in the ground. The rocks above begin to crumble and fall!

Face Danger: 4+3i vs 5|2. Strong hit, but I’m already at max MOM.

Firuvin dashes forward, holding his shield over his head. Small stones at first, and then larger ones, tumble down onto it. A moment later, the entire corridor collapses behind him, but he’s through the worst of it.

Undertake a Journey: 4+2w vs 1|10. Weak hit. Progress (8) and -1 SPI (now 1).

Endure Stress: 1+2H vs 4|10. Miss. -1 MOM.

It can’t go on much longer than this. Firuvin rounds another corner…

Reach Destination (Explore the Caves): 8 vs 7|7. Strong hit with a match!

Milestone for Rescue Lucia (9) and Find Lucia’s Caravan (8)!

The tunnel finally opens up. Firuvin detects the change in the air at first–it’s lighter, cool. Ahead, silver light trickles down. The moon? He steps out into a grotto, deep in the hills. Light falls down from the open sky above.
Ahead of him stand Lucia and several of the caravan guards. All are bound.

Are they under guard? Likely: 30, yes.

There are too many men for Firuvin to fight on his own, especially in this condition. At the same time, he knows that the prisoners will never survive if he does not go to them now.

Secure an Advantage: 4+2w vs 9|10. Miss! (ARGH).

Firuvin hefts Lucia’s necklace and hurls it as hard as he can against the far wall of the grotto. It clatters against the wall. As the guards move to investigate, he sprints over to the prisoners and begins to work at their bonds with his sword, but it’s no use–the guards hear and come running.

Battle: 1+3i vs 4|7. Miss. Burn momentum (8): Strong hit!

The guards are on him in an instant. Firuvin falls back, fighting for his life as the attackers surround him. He has no chance–the fight is lost…

And then one of the bandits goes down with a shout. The caravan guards are on him, kicking and head butting despite their bound hands. The other bandits turn, surprised, but Firuvin is at their backs the moment they do. He carves into them and they go down.

When the last of the men has fallen, Firuvin draws his dagger and cuts the bonds out the caravaners. They exchange only a few words before beginning the long climb up toward the rim of the grotto.

Lucia’s eyes linger on him for a beat, and then she too begins to climb. Firuvin is right behind her.

Fulfill Vow: Rescue Lucia from the Depths: 10 vs 10|8. Weak hit. 0 experience and a twist: Betray Debt.

As the caravaners gather on the surface and head out on the short road back to Stonehall, Lucia stays behind with Firuvin.

“Something is different,” Firuvin says.

“I can’t go back,” Lucia replies.

Firuvin already knows why. He can see it in her eyes. “You betrayed them.”

She can only nod. After a moment, she shakes her head. “I had to. My sister…she needed medicine. They had it. Said they’d trade if I…If I turned a blind eye on the trail outside of Stormbridge.”

She is crying now. Firuvin goes to her, lays a hand on her shoulder. He doesn’t know what to say. She is right, of course–she can never return to Stonehall.

“I will help her,” he says. “I swear it.”

Swear an Iron Vow (Find a way to heal Lucia’s sister): 2+2H+1(bond) vs 9|8. Miss. -2MOM (now -1).

“You can’t,” Lucia says. “No one can. I was a fool to believe they could. A witch, maybe, but no medicine of mankind can treat her.”

Firuvin grabs her hands. “I will do it if it can be done,” he says, and then he leaves her, heading back into the trees.


It is the next morning by the time he returns to Stonehall. The sounds of a feast still ring out from the great hall. Firuvin enters and all eyes turn toward him.

Fulfill a Vow (Find the Caravan): 10 vs 5|1. Strong hit. +2 XP.

For a moment, all is silent. Then the master lifts his horn of ale and shouts, “For the Slayer! Champion of Stonehall!” and the entire chamber fills with cheers.

Firuvin steps up to the table and accepts a mug of ale from a passing server. He drains it down and lifts it again. For the time, things are good enough.

End of Adventure

Well, that was a slightly troublesome end there with rolls, with some especially disappointing turnarounds related to quest completion and stuff. Several times there I was pretty sure Firuvin would die. So many 9|10 style rolls. All in all though it was quite the fun experience, and it’s nice to have a completed adventure under my belt. I’m not sure whether I’ll play another game with this guy, roll a new PC, or try Starforged next.

This game was played using the free digital Ironsworn rulebook. Copies of the dungeon-exploring Delve expansion may also be incorporated later.

Character Sheet

Firuvin the Warden, E1 H2 I3 S1 W2. Momentum -1, Health 2, Spirit 1, Supply 0, XP 2.
Assets: Alchemist 1, Herbalist 1, Slayer 1.
Inventory: Sword, shield, mortar and pestle.
Bonds: Ikram, veteran slayer. Lucia, scout and friend. Stonehall, border village.
Vows: Slay the beast that killed his family (extreme, 0.0). Heal Lucia’s sister (Formidable, 0.0).

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