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The Heroes of Greentangle

July 20, 2011 1 comment

The Heroes of Greentangle is the current result of all my messing around with C#. The game is a tower-defense role-playing game for the Xbox Live Indie Community, and although it is not yet totally finished the framework is nearly done. Here is a picture of the first tutorial screen (using substituted art elements). The game will have a fantasy-sketch style that should make it look like a story-book.

“What,” you may ask, “makes this an RPG tower defense game?” It’s true that there are a lot of fantasy-themed defense games that say ‘rpg’ styled on them, but Heroes of Greentangle will feature multiple dungeons on an overmap that you can navigate, persistent ‘heroes’ that serve as your towers and can level up, and gold/experience that can make both you and your men-at-arms more powerful.

Stay tuned!

role playing game tower defense

The tutorial map screen for The Heroes of Greentangle. You are the wizard in the bottom right.



It’s been a long time in coming, but I’m finally rebooting this blog. I’ve begun work in C# again, and although I have scrapped Space Mercs I have been using the engine to create a simpler-style pick-up-and-play roguelike that should play as an homage to that classic CRPG dungeon crawl, The Sword of Fargoal.

Stay tuned! I believe the game will be alpha-level playable by next week.

Dungeon Crawl Game

An image of the game without multiple character sprites (only hero and 1 enemy) or the 'fog of war'.

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