Week 1

Well, my first few days of development on Space Mercs is coming to–in my eyes, anyway–a very successful end. I have implemented several key features, including:

  • real-time game play that stays true to its roguelike ancestors
  • random map generation that creates realistic, interesting dungeons (and not just boxes tied together with lines)
  • random feature, item, and NPC population of said dungeons (still very, very alpha)
  • plug-in AI system for entities
  • four working AI plug-ins, including Berserk Melee, Balanced Melee, Flee, and Wander
  • primitive melee
  • LOS for players

I will be teaching two classes starting next week, so what free time I had is going to be severely compromised, but I intend to implement at least a few features during the weekdays after class, including:

  • item/ability behavior plug-ins (such as AffectStat() and ChangeBehavior())
  • more fully fleshed out melee
  • better random entity population
  • linked levels

If I can get through all that (and it’s a tall order), there will only be a few major systems (saving!) left to create before the game will be ready for content creation! I hope to have a primitive working version done within a month or two, but that will surely end up being revised.

After that, who knows?

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