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LOS Implemented, Map Generator Fixed

Well, it took most of yesterday, but I have finally resolved the issue that was throwing a wrench in the map generator’s works. I’m now working on implementing item and dungeon-dressing generation (both functional but rudimentary currently), as well as deciding how fully I want to integrate locked doors and dungeon level subsections (such as the path beyond the green door coexisting alongside (but totally separated from) the main dungeon level).

Line of Sight preview for Space Mercs roguelike

What's on the other side of that door? And we can't take our eyes off that room to the south!

I hope to also be able to get some basic AI behavior (hunt PC and possibly wander randomly) in place before the day is out.


Trapped in a corner, roguelike

Our hero finds himself trapped in the corner of the spacehulk. A pair of pirates are closing in, with no escape in sight.

I have eliminated the scrolling display, and I think I’ll go with a large, single-screen map for now.

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