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A New Beginning

After managing this blog on and off for almost a year, I am excited to announce that Adventure Materials is now becoming a home for discussion on my efforts to develop a coffee-break style roguelike game for the Windows and Xbox 360 platform in C#, using the XNA game library.

The game is currently experiencing its first rewrite after several weeks of tentative, meandering programming that left me with an effective, if wildly inefficient, game. The finished product, tentatively titled Space Mercs, will be a science fiction roguelike designed around players tackling randomly generated dungeons in small bites, working their way through many dungeons of increasing difficulty rather than a single, 100 story dungeon.

There will be many twists and tweaks of the roguelike genre in Space Mercs, too many to mention at this early date, but rest assured that all of them are being designed for ease of entry for newcomers to the genre and as strategic enhancements for veterans who find themselves bored with the lack of spice in Nethack- and -band-ian combat.

There will be more to come.

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