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The City of Nightmares

Hello all,

I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I’ve been working on a BIG project, that’s actually coming along nicely. The City of Nightmares is going to be a cross between old-school style megadungeoning (although with out quite the epic scale. I think the City will weigh in at about 250 rooms total) with a bit of a new-school influence. Hopefully it will eventually make its way into PDF book form, but for now, here’s a sample of the rough draft of one of the maps.

Rough draft of The City of Nightmares map

Taken with my phone, so please excuse the poor quality. It's on its way!

The finished project will include tons of quests, original enemies and magic items, a semi-detailed description of the city above (with plenty of room for referee improv), and approximately 5 floors.

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